Volume 4Edit

The Next StepEdit

We've dealt with their kind before.
—Hazel, talking about Ruby.


Don't let such a small obstacle block your path.
—Hazel, to Oscar Pine after knocking a train ticket out of the machine

Volume 5Edit

Dread in the AirEdit

You don't like me. You have no reason to like me. But you don't have to like me to get the results you want.
—Hazel, to Sienna Khan
Nobody needed to die today.
—Hazel to Adam Taurus regarding the murder of Sienna Khan.

The More the MerrierEdit

The White Fang is prepping demolition and securing the school grounds. No one’s getting in, and no one’s getting out.
—Hazel, to everyone

Vault of the Spring MaidenEdit

You’ll pay for what you did, you’ll die over and over again!!
—Hazel, to Ozpin
He didn’t tell you my tale, did he, boy? I thought you looked familiar, to think that evil was inside you when our paths first crossed. Your blood won’t be on my hands, it’ll be on his.
—Hazel, to Oscar


Hiding behind the face of a child? A monster like you must be stopped!!
—Hazel, to Ozpin
This... is your business, not mine. Fix it
—Hazel, after Adam loses control of his side of the Haven assault

About HazelEdit

Someone from my past. Someone who should not be taken lightly.
Ozpin, to Oscar after "their" encounter with Hazel.
Gretchen Rainart was Hazel’s sister. Despite her brother’s wishes, she enrolled at Beacon Academy to become a Huntress and tragically lost her life on a training mission. Hazel… holds me responsible. Please, let me fight. I know Hazel. He’s wounded in a way that cannot be healed.
—Ozpin, talks about Hazel's sister to Oscar.
His Semblance blocks out pain, it's how he's able to inject so much Dust into his body.
—Ozpin, about Hazel's Semblance
I don't need him to hurt, I just need him to go DOWN!
Nora Valkyrie, on the man who hurt Lie Ren.
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