Hazel is one of Salem's associates, however most of his early life and how he came to join the group are unknown.

However he seems to have a personal history with Ozpin, and judging by his comment "We've dealt with their kind before" in "The Next Step", he may have battled against Silver-Eyed Warriors in the past.

In "Vault of the Spring Maiden", it is revealed that Hazel's sister, Gretchen Rainart, died during a training mission when she joined Beacon Academy against his wishes to become a Huntress. As a result, Hazel blamed Ozpin for his sister's death.


Meeting with SalemEdit

After the fall of Beacon, Hazel attends a meeting with Salem and the rest of her associates at her lair. He questions how a "novice" like Ruby Rose was able to defeat Cinder Fall, recalling that they have successfully dealt with her kind before. Salem then instructs him to meet with the White Fang leader, Sienna Khan, to ensure that they fall into line.

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In MistralEdit

V4 10 00008

Hazel encounters Oscar in Mistral.

Once in Mistral, Hazel helps Oscar Pine get a ticket from a ticket machine at a train station by hitting the top and forcing one out. He tells the boy not to let something as small as that hold him back.

Arriving at the White Fang headquarters, Hazel appears before Sienna Khan, stands his ground against her threats and is prepared to convince her to cooperate with Salem. To his surprise, however, Adam murders Khan after enacting a coup to supplant her as High Leader. As Khan’s corpse is taken away, Hazel confronts Adam about his actions, angry at not knowing anything about his plans.

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Attack on HavenEdit

Hazel then arrives with the White Fang at Haven Academy on the night of the attack. As the White Fang set up for the attack, Hazel enters the building and seals the door shut, preventing any entry or exit. While he seems reluctant to fight, he obliges as Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie challenge him. However their battle is cut short when Cinder impales Weiss Schnee.

V5C12 00016

Hazel attacks Oscar in rage.

After Lionheart is knocked into Hazel, he berates the headmaster over for Oscar humiliating him. However, once he learns the boy is actually Ozpin, he drops Lionheart and completely loses his composure, recognizing the cane in Oscar's hand. Vowing to kill Ozpin repeatedly, Hazel jabs shards of Lightning Dust into his arms and attacks, intent on avenging his sister who he proclaims was killed by Ozpin. Though Oscar tries reasoning with him, Hazel refuses to yield and soon finds himself on the defensive when Ozpin takes control. Qrow Branwen tries to intervene, but Hazel sends him flying with an lightning-enhanced punch. As he easily overpowers Ozpin, Qrow and Ren, he criticizes the former for hiding behind a face of a child and calls him a monster that must be stopped. But when Nora joins the battle, Hazel is put at a major disadvantage when she throws him and follows with a smash through the wall. Outside, he tells the White Fang that whatever is going inside is none of their concern as he augments his strength with fire Dust crystals. When Blake Belladonna arrives with the Faunus of Menagerie and the Mistral police and stops the explosion of the school, Hazel calmly informs Adam that this is his problem to fix. As he watches the battle ensue, he is suddenly stabbed by the stinger of Weiss' Queen Lancer and drawn back inside.

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