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Don’t let such a small obstacle block your path.
—Hazel, giving Oscar Pine some advice.


Salem's FactionEdit

He is a member of Salem's group.

Silver-Eyed WarriorsEdit

He has experience in dealing with Silver-Eyed Warriors, considering them to be easily defeated by "one of us".

Salem's FactionEdit


He appears to be loyal toward Salem and dutifully follows her orders.

Cinder FallEdit

His only acknowledgment of Cinder is to speak ill of Cinder's loss to Ruby Rose in battle, though in doing so he also acknowledges her as a peer.



Ozpin informs Oscar in "Kuroyuri" that Hazel is someone from his past.

Oscar PineEdit

When Oscar has trouble getting a train ticket out of a machine at a train depot due to lack of funds, Hazel shows up and bangs on the machine. This causes a train ticket to fall out of the slot. Before moving on, Hazel advises Oscar not to let a small obstacle obstruct his path.

Minor Characters

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