Five years before the episode "Black and White", Ghira was once the High Leader of the White Fang up until choosing to step down in order to become Chieftain of Menagerie. After naming Sienna Khan as his successor the White Fang's practices shifted to more violent measures.

As Chieftain, Ghira meets with representatives of the White Fang. The most recent involve Corsac and Fennec Albain.


Blake's ReturnEdit

Some time after the fall of Beacon, he is visited again by his daughter Blake Belladonna. His wife Kali Belladonna reveals that they were horrified by what had happened and were very worried about her; Ghira in particular would frequently pace.

Ghira's reunion with Blake is interrupted when Corsac and Fennec Albain knock on the front door, who he arranged a meeting with before Blake and Sun arrived. When Blake and Sun are shocked to see two White Fang members at the Belladonnas' residence and explain that the White Fang was involved in Beacon Academy's invasion, Ghira becomes very suspicious. The Albains insist that a splinter group under Adam Taurus is responsible for the violence in Vale and that the White Fang does not approve of their actions, wishing to apprehend the rogue members. Ghira is more or less convinced and bids them farewell, wishing to reconnect with Blake.

Another evening later, Blake brings Ghira tea on behest of Kali. The two make awkward small talk until Blake asks Ghira why her parents still hold affection for her after her behavior years ago when he and Kali left the White Fang. Ghira tells her that they are still proud of her and were only afraid that she would go down the wrong path. When Blake mentions her friends, Ghira asks her why she left them. Just as Blake is about to answer, they get interrupted by Sun.

After Sun wakes up from his injury that he received from Ilia Amitola, Ghira shares the information on Ilia's Scroll, stating that Adam plans to overthrow the White Fang leader, Sienna Khan. His daughter plans to prevent this by taking the organization back.

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Battling the White FangEdit

On a later day, Ghira confronts the Albain brothers with his family and Sun about Ilia’s Scroll, though they are unable to arrest the pair due to the lack of evidence. Ghira then holds a press conference in front of the Belladonna household and reveals all that he has found on the Scroll. He proclaims that the White Fang should be restored to a peaceful organization and that they should protect Haven Academy from Adam. While the citizens of Menagerie are hesitant on the latter, Ghira tries to have Blake testify but is interrupted by Ilia. While she calls him and his family traitors, Ghira tries to reason with her but to no avail.

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