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Geists are a species of Grimm resembling a ghost and capable of "possessing" inanimate objects. Upon taking possession of rocks, it assumes its Petra Gigas[1] form.

A Geist made its first appearance in "The Next Step", engaged in a battle with Team RNJR.


A Geist's base form is covered in bonelike spines with long, skeleton-like forearms and sharp fingernails. Due to its ghostly appearance, it lacks a lower body, instead floating through the air while leaving behind a black smoke trail. Its face consists of Grimm markings on a bone plate with a single eye.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

A Geist is a possession-type Grimm, capable of controlling any object it possesses as extensions of its own body. Should it lose any of its limbs, it can repair the chink in its armor almost immediately by simply possessing another object in the vicinity. Its only real vulnerability is its "face", the central segment from which it maintains control of the form as a whole. All of its limbs must be destroyed at once in order to expose this vulnerability.

The specific Geist faced by Team RNJR in "The Next Step" possessed a number of large boulders and a tree, which were virtually immune to slashing attacks as well as elemental lightning and fire Dust ammunition.

This Geist's limbs were not connected physically to one another and were held together by an invisible force that seemed to have no difficulty moving massive objects. Most of its attacks utilized its enormous mass and size in brute force attacks, though it also displayed the ability to use discarded pieces of its body as projectiles.

Once its host object is destroyed or severely disabled, it abandons the body, revealing its base form. The Geist has yet to demonstrate any combat abilities in this form, but it appears to be relatively frail; it was killed with a single shot from Crescent Rose.

Geist glyph 4

The glyph shown before the Geist possesses a tree


  • Geist is a German word meaning "ghost", or depending on the context, "spirit" or "mind".
  • Petra gigas means "stone giant" in Greek.
  • In Chapter 3 of the manga, the Giant Armor is also stated to be a possession-type Grimm. However, it is described as being an artificial amalgamation of multiple Grimm specimens rather than a single creature like the Geist. There may be multiple species of possession-type Grimm, of which the Geist and Giant Armor are both examples.


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