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For the episode of the same name, see Forever Fall (episode).

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Forever Fall is a location in Remnant that is first seen in the "Black" Trailer and is just north of Vale.


This mountainous area has many cliffs and is covered by a forest of red-leafed trees, allowing the whole area to appear as a dust-red color, even in the grass.

The trees are known to produce a special Red Sap that is of interest to researchers. Cutting through a low point in the forest is a wide railway track, upon which a large cargo train travels.

The known inhabitants of the forest include Grimm, crows, and a dangerous insect known as Rapier Wasps.


  • In "The Badge and The Burden", Weiss hangs a painting seemingly depicting Forever Fall in the Team RWBY dorm room.
  • The forest likely derived its name from the season of autumn, or fall, when deciduous trees change leaf color to warm tones such as red. However, it can be assumed that, like its name implies, Forever Fall's trees are red indefinitely.
  • The inspiration for the look of Forever Fall came from infrared photography of trees.[1]
  • The Forever Fall forest takes up a significant portion of the Kingdom of Vale. According to Monty, it goes on for miles on the north coast of Vale.[2]



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