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Emerald's Weapons are a pair of convertible revolver-sickles wielded by Emerald Sustrai.


Emerald's weapons are a pair of firearms with jungle-green grips, each stored inside their own separate leather casings on a belt wrapped around Emerald's waist. In the Volume 2 Opening, they are shown to be revolvers with long, curved blades, presumably with both melee and ranged functions, similar to Crescent Rose.

"Breach" finally reveals that they are revolver sickles. By default, they are a pair of revolvers that fire incredibly fast, enough to clear out hordes of Grimm before any of them can move. Emerald can then deploy blades to fight in melee combat, or instead extend them using chains attached to her respective handles like kusarigamas to fight from mid-range. Her skill allows her to easily dispatch an Ursa Major. When folded up against the revolvers, the blades telescope into themselves.

In "Lessons Learned", the chain portion is shown to have a surprisingly long reach when Emerald uses it to ensnare and drag Coco Adel a very long distance.

In "Beginning of the End" it was revealed that Emerald's weapons used to have different colors. The majority of the gun is leather brown color, and the blades are dark-gray resembling unpainted metal.


  • They bear a resemblance to the falx, a forward-curved sickle sword with the blade on the inside edge that was known to have cut through Roman shields in battle.