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Creeps[1] are lizard-like creatures of Grimm. They were first encountered at the end of Volume 2, in both "No Brakes" and "Breach".


In terms of appearance, these Grimm are akin to certain species of theropod dinosaurs. However, this Grimm shows one unique feature: it has no forelimbs, only hindlimbs. Said hindlimbs are dual-clawed, and are inverted at the knee joints, heavily akin to an ostrich. They also possess tails, which are used for balance during locomotion.

Their skulls are rather stubby, and are very similar in appearance to a Carnotaurus. Like all other Grimm, they feature a dark black color, with white markings all over the body, alongside deep red eyes and accents.



In "No Brakes", several Creeps are seen alongside the various other species of Grimm that have made their way into Mountain Glenn's subway systems, following the White Fang's detonation of cargo train cars inside. In "Breach", the Creeps are seen rampaging through Vale, accompanied by their various brethren. Team RWBY ends up killing the invading Creeps with the assistance of Team JNPR, the Atlesian military, Emerald Sustrai, Mercury Black, Bartholomew Oobleck, Peter Port, Team CFVY and Glynda Goodwitch.

Creeps are among the Grimm that are attracted by the negativity from the Amity Colosseum in "Fall". Later, Creeps are among the Grimm that attack Vale in "PvP". A group of Creeps are later seen overrunning Beacon Academy in "End of the Beginning".

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

In Grimm Eclipse, Creeps are among the creatures of Grimm encountered by Team RWBY in the Emerald Forest and Mountain Glenn.

In the subterranean ruins of Mountain Glenn, beneath the abandoned Merlot Industries facility, Team RWBY encountered a mysterious new explosive variety of Creep. These Creeps were larger, glowed with a green color and exploded violently after death or when near to an enemy, making them incredibly dangerous. Doctor Oobleck speculated that these Creeps were mutants or modified, though who "modified" these Creeps, and to what end, was not known until it was later revealed to be Merlot who used a mutating serum.

Powers and Abilities

Due to the Creep's limited combat appearances, it is unknown as to what specific abilities, if any at all, these Grimm possess. They are shown to be very fast in their movements however, and can chase a speeding train with ease. Within the game RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, they are shown to be able to dive underground for a short distance as well as swing their tails as means of attack.


  • Creeps are not based on any one type of animal. Instead, their design is inspired by aspects of both reptiles and birds as classes.[1]


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