Volume 4Edit


Though it pains us to admit, it has become apparent that the Vale branch of the White Fang is no longer operating under orders of High Leader Khan. Rather, they've elected to follow the rule of one Adam Taurus. I believe you're all familiar with the young adept and his... extreme philosophies.
—Corsac Albain, to Ghira

Volume 5Edit

Necessary SacrificeEdit

Do not concern yourself with past failures, Ilia. Focus on the future. We have an opportunity for redemption.
—Corsac Albain, to Ilia
We know how close you are with young Blake. Rest assured, High Leader Taurus has requested she be taken alive, but we cannot risk having her present to defend her family.
—Corsac, to Ilia
For now. We must do what is best for the Faunus.
—Corsac to Fennec Albain, on if Adam Taurus is the one to lead the White Fang

Alone TogetherEdit

I believe it’s time our dear chieftain stepped down, brother.
—Corsac to Fennec Albain

True ColorsEdit

What have you done…? You ruined everything…. EVERYTHIIIIIIING!!!
—Corsac to the Belladonna family and Sun
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