White Fang

Corsac Albain is a member of the White Fang.

White Fang

Fennec Albain

Fennec Albain was Corsac's brother. They are never seen apart from each other and are always seen together. In "A Perfect Storm", they work together very well and they combined their attack in perfect sync in battle. He mourns his brother's death by trying to attack Blake and her family and Sun Wukong but is knocked out by Ilia.

Adam Taurus

Adam is Corsac's superior. Along with his brother, he seems to agree with Adam's motive and is willing to tell him about Blake Belladonna's location. In "Necessary Sacrifice", he decides to follow his plans despite Adam's current behavior.

Ilia Amitola

Corsac was Ilia's superior. He is aware of Ilia's previous friendship with Blake and wants to manipulate her into assassinating Blake's parents and bring Blake to Adam as it is necessary to their mission. Ilia betrayed him by knocking him out in "True Colors".


Ghira Belladonna

Corsac appears to respect him even after he stepped down as the High leader of the White Fang. However, after receiving orders from Adam, he along with his brother, have no problem following orders to assassinate Ghira. In "Alone Together", he and Fennec are willing to fight him without hesitation.

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