The ninth chapter of the manga adaptation of RWBY was published in Shueisha's Ultra Jump September 2016 issue on August 19th, 2016.[1] This chapter is the last to follow the four trailers continuity.[2]


Yang Xiao Long defeats Melanie Malachite and Junior Xiong at his club in Vale. Finally admitting defeat, Junior resigns to help Yang but is unable to provide any information on the mysterious person Yang is looking for. Ruby Rose unexpectedly shows up at the club and Yang orders them both drinks. As the sisters leave, Roman Torchwick is seen plotting in the shadows.



  • This chapter, along with the previous two, follows the "Yellow" Trailer, but with some changes. Most notably, Yang's conversation with Junior takes place after the brawl rather than before. Ruby and Yang also meet up inside the club rather than outside, and both of them get drinks. Junior is also much more friendly to Yang than in the trailer.
  • Strawberry Sunrise, "with the little umbrellas" is the same drink Yang orders in the "Yellow" Trailer. In the manga, Yang also asks for the drinks to be served non-alcoholic.

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