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CardinColor Cardin Winchester
RusselColor Russel Thrush
DoveColor Dove Bronzewing
SkyColor Sky Lark

Professional Status



Cardin Winchester


Beacon Academy

CRDL (pronounced "Cardinal") is a team in the world of RWBY. The team was first seen in the episode Players and Pieces. During the initiation, the team brought back the Black Bishop pieces.

Beginning in Episode 11, at least two of the members appear to be bullies, with Cardin picking on Jaune, and Russel calling Velvet Scarlatina a freak, while Sky and Dove simply laugh at Velvet in agreement.

The first battle with the four members together takes place in Extracurricular against Pyrrha Nikos.


Cardin Winchester is the leader of Team "CRDL."
Russel Thrush is a member of Team "CRDL."
Dove Bronzewing is a member of Team "CRDL."
Sky Lark is a member of Team "CRDL."


  • The team seems to have a bird motif, similar to Team RWBY's fairytale motif and Team JNPR's cross-dressing mytho-historical figures motif. Each member's name is synonymous with or similar to the name of a bird.
    • Furthermore, the birds lend credence to the possibility this group shares a heraldic motif. While the cardinal is an obvious allusion to the religious station of the same name, the others (Thrush, Lark, Dove) are figures which were typically used on heraldic shields.
  • As revealed during Forever Fall, each member of the team has eyes which are a shade of blue.
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