CFVY[1] (pronounced "Coffee") is a team[2] of second-year students from Beacon Academy. They were first shown onscreen in "Field Trip", but they made a full proper debut in "Breach", easily fighting off hordes of Grimm in the volume finale.

They also competed in the Vytal Festival Tournament, during which they elected Coco Adel and Yatsuhashi Daichi to the doubles round where they were defeated by Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black, during the events of "Lessons Learned". They later aided in the defense of Beacon Academy in "Battle of Beacon".

According to Monty Oum, Velvet Scarlatina's teammates greatly value her abilities and have had many battles together.[3]


Coco Thumb
Coco Adel is the leader of Team CFVY.
Vol2 Fox Thumb
Fox Alistair is a member of Team CFVY.
Velvet Thumb
Velvet Scarlatina is a member of Team CFVY.
Vol2 Yatsuhashi Thumb
Yatsuhashi Daichi is a member of Team CFVY.


  • On April 8th, 2014, in lieu of any trailers being released for Volume 2, Monty revealed the team's teaser image.[4]
  • The members of CFVY appear to have names derived from various sweets.
    • Coco's name could be derived on either the drink hot cocoa or cacao, which is the main ingredient of chocolate.
    • Fox's name makes allusion to the fox hunter's pie.
    • Velvet's name holds a resemblance to the red velvet cake, and can also be considered an allusion to the velveteen rabbit.
    • Yatsuhashi is the name of a Japanese pastry made with sweet beans.
  • In "Extracurricular", it is mentioned that it was previously Team CFVY's responsibility to plan the school dance. However, because an "away mission [took] longer than expected", Weiss Schnee and Yang Xiao Long take the reins for planning the dance.


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