We're in the middle of a fight!
—Brawnz Ni

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Brawnz Ni[1] is the leader of Team BRNZ. He and his team fight against Team JNPR as part of the Vytal Festival Tournament in the episode "New Challengers...".


Brawnz is a young man with dark purple eyes and short black hair with his hair slicked toward his left side.

He wears a top that consists of gradients of gray and purple, scarf, black pants with bronze kneecaps and a dark purple scarf that wraps around his right leg and black boots.

Powers and Abilities

Brawnz fights with a pair of claws in conjunction with his knees that are armored with bronze kneecaps. He appears quite adept at hand-to-hand combat, being roughly able to match Pyrrha Nikos in close quarters combat for a brief period of time.


Brawnz and his team are students at Shade Academy, from the kingdom of Vacuo. He and his team journeyed to participate in the 40th Vytal Festival combat tournament, hosted by the kingdom of Vale. Brawnz and his team were defeated by Team JNPR of Vale's Beacon Academy in the team round of the tournament.

In "Destiny", he is seen conversing with Nolan Porfirio while Velvet Scarlatina is taking photos of Sun Wukong and his weapon.


  • His name Brawnz is a corruption of the word "bronze", which is a type of metal alloy with a characteristic brownish tint.
  • "Ni" is the chemical symbol for Nickel, a silvery metal used most often as a component for bronze.
  • On the AfterBuzz TV of RWBY Volume 3 Episodes 1 and 2 Reviews, Miles said that Brawnz's kneecaps pay homage to the Fairly OddParents character Bronze Kneecap.[2]


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