The Branwen Tribe is a group of bandits that operate in Anima, led by Raven Branwen.


It is unknown when the tribe organized. Twin siblings, Raven and Qrow Branwen, were raised in the tribe that consisted, according to Qrow, of murderers and thieves. The tribe sent the twins to enroll in combat school in order to learn how to counter the Huntsmen, the only major threat toward the tribe other than Grimm. The two ended up attending Beacon Academy and comprised half of Team STRQ. Raven eventually returned to the tribe and became its leader, but Qrow did not, having grown to dislike their previous lifestyle.


Present Day

The tribe prioritizes its own survival, holding a Darwinistic view. They are responsible for multiple raids on villages, such as Shion.

The tribe normally does not deal in trafficking people, but Weiss Schnee was a notable exception.

After the camp is discovered by members of Salem's Faction, Raven orders the tribe to move.


Notable Members

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Former Members

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