• LOLbootington


    December 7, 2018 by LOLbootington

    Be honest, how much of yall want team CFVY to return in the other volumes. They've been quite inactive after the battle of beacon. They could be dead, but I don't belive it. What are Yall's thoughts?

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  • LOLbootington


    December 6, 2018 by LOLbootington


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  • Gemmaniac

    Camp RWBY

    December 1, 2018 by Gemmaniac

    I just felt the need to share this. (Animation by Marvin mMendoza on YouTube)

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  • Twilight the Ice-Sea-Nightwing

    OK, please don't kill be for this but I am going to come straight out and say... I hate Blacksun. Yes, I do not support Blacksun. Who hates Blacksun as well?

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  • RaijinRising

    Foreseen Inactivity

    November 26, 2018 by RaijinRising

    I will be inactive on the wiki for the next two weeks. This is because I will be on a rigorous study-abroad trip via my college to Japan. While it'll be a lot of fun, it's also not going to give me much of any free time.

    I will still watch RWBY as it airs and stay active in things like RWBY Rewind and community discussions/reaction video watching. It's just that I won't be around to update the history sections as I normally do. I checked today and realized that most of the main characters haven't had history section updates since Episode 2 (and they still don't). That's partially because I've been doing finals for my school and have needed to get ready for this trip since then (as well as Thanksgiving celebrations).

    I might pop in and post h…

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  • TMScientist

    The Science of RWBY

    November 25, 2018 by TMScientist

    This blog is to compare the world of RWBY to real-life science, covering so far; the semblances of team RWBY and team JNPR and eventually Dust. When I first made all these science videos on RWBY, I made mistakes, so I'll be correcting them on this blog.


    Team RWBY

    Ruby Rose

    Semblance: Speed

    Ruby's semblance of speed is first shown in the Volume 1 "Red" trailer. The best case of her fastest speed that is calculatable is at the end of the Food Fight scene in Volume 2, Chapter 1 "Best Day Ever". To find Ruby's "top" speed (by measurable means), I first thought I needed to work backwards from speed aka linear velocity to angular velocity to Ruby's RPS and shoulder width. But upon further examination of the scene I found an easier way of c…

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  • KingMaster TOG

    Inb4 “But TOG this is the exact same shit you pulled 3 years ago!”

    So, I know a lot has changed, it’s been almost a goddamn year I think since I was last here. A lot of you probably don’t know me, and most of you have probably forgotten about my existence, which is honestly probably for the better. But long story short, I was a user here formerly known as EPKingMaster and then ThatOneGuyFromNISLTsCommentSection.

    As to why I want to remove myself from this fandom, it’s mainly for 2 reasons.

    The first is just because I completely just lost interest in the show. The plot is getting hard to follow for me and really it’s just beginning to appear as a massive clusterfuck. I’m not here to say whether it’s a good show or not, because that is a whole …

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  • ZAVAZggg


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  • Ciara Belladonna - Feline Faunus

    I'm new here at Beacon and I want to meet new people to be my teamates. Come say hello if you're interrested.

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  • Beena Patel


    November 4, 2018 by Beena Patel

    I am new to the different wikis and I need help. I am doing the best I can to figure out how to edit and do other things. I would also like to make friends on the different wikis. Some of the things I like are RWBY, The Flash and Milo Murphy's Law.

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  • DarkStalker719

    So…. I just watched the first episode of Volume 6 and I figured that I would write a review on it, since no one else is going to do anything like this.

    For those of you who have not seen the episode; SPOILERS!

    • Note: some information presented here may not be completely accurate, as I watched the episode once, and tried to watch it a second time while writing this, but the website was being very stubborn, and I could not get the episode to play a second time very easily, so in certain parts I just mentioned what I remembered.

    The episode begins with Team RWBY on the roof of the train, battling a group of Manticores, as well as what I can only assume is the Sphinx, although it had several features that made me think of the Chimera, such as the …

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  • D Shadow208

    RWBY's Evolution

    November 1, 2018 by D Shadow208

    RWBY has come a long way ever since its first release on 2013. It had ups and downs and especially with the unexpected death of its beloved creator Monty Oum (may he R.I.P). If he saw RWBY right now, he would've been so proud and happy to see his creation bloom into such an amazing show and fandom.

    The first three volumes/seasons of RWBY focused on the 'coming of age' part where in each character had their own goal they wanted to achieve, and the plotlines that aligned that changed the characters perspective and view on their goals that caused them to change for the better.

    Volumes 1-3 were focused on comedy and lightheartedness, but when vol 4 was released, things became dramatic anmore diverse. With new characters introduced and diving mor…

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    Ok, so, during the fight at the end, RWBY fights some Manticores. The one at the begginning and the end are younger ones... or females, depending on how much they're based on Lions.

    The second one, however, is bigger and has an obvious and spiky mane, unlike the others. Looking like kind of a discount Vajra.

    Naturally, one would expect it to be STRONK, right? ....Except it is destroyed in one hit.

    But that's not the important part, the important part is how it goes away. When Grimm die, they smoke out, no? It may be quick or slow but they smoke out., it does not. It shatters like glass.

    Which heavily reminds me of Neo and her Illusions. They shatter in the same way, and can't take more than a single hit of any sort. Just like that o…

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  • ForeignAgent

    A new hope?

    October 21, 2018 by ForeignAgent

    Hello again. When I wrote about my impressions of Volume 5, I was certain I'm done with RWBY, it was that bad and anticlimactic. But more than half a year later I understand that I still want to know how the story ends, and it made me return in Remnant a few days ago. All this time I haven't been following the news about new season. (Does this sentence sound right? Maybe I should spent this time learning English...) I was a bit surprised that only one character short was released (and the trailer, obviously) and no one more was announced, but the fact that it is about villain pleased me. I'm glad that RT tries to show and explore another side or, at least, someone else but main chars.

    I don't want to analyze V6 trailer cause trailers are ma…

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  • DemonicsFire

    so with the Grimm Eclipse dlcs we get rwby and jnpr in different clothing, like there beacon clothing and there dance clothing.with the new dlcs we get two more. there time skip clothing (Pyrrha misses out there) and there pajamas.

    so for ones and for all we can now nail down what Pyrrhas pajamas are. and they are....


    thought it be more flashy like her normal clothing. oh well, still looks good and warm

    also gatta lol at rens

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  • Alhazad2003

    Hello all, now this is my first blog, so try to bear with me here.  If I make any mistakes or break any blog rules by accident, please don't be too harsh.  And, all opinions expressed in this blog are entirely my own, and do not reflect those of the characters or creators of the show.

    Okay, now the trailer starts with a winter wonderland.  Which leads to a shot of Qrow, Oscar, Team RWBY, and an unknown elderly woman sitting atop Bumblebee, with Yang pushing both along. During all this, Salem is lecturing on the importance of holding onto one's most important motivations:

    It shows Team RWBY and friends representing love, which really needs to further explanation, a calm before the storm if you will.

    Next is Adam's throne room, littered with c…

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  • Vermillionaid

    Test blog

    October 17, 2018 by Vermillionaid


    Law of Inertia, is the resistance of physical object to change its velocity. This is what (more or less) happened to me right now. My life has been stuck. There's nothing change. It stopped completely. Even if i decide to add velocity in my life, it will drop to a hole, where everything is returned to 7 month ago. I'm well known by people around me as clever, smart person. But it changed when i got chosen as the leader for my village's organization. It doesn't sounds bad for normal person with good social life and clear mind. But somehow, my inner self get whispered by demons. I make myself to be a 'bad' person after that. Thinking that, if people hate me, then they will not expect too much for me anymore. i dont know if people still…

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  • ChishioKunrin

    Sooo, the Volume 6 trailer came out, as everyone's aware.

    Starting out, we have some gorgeous scenery. Honestly, I have to say, I really appreciate the environments that CRWBY creates, especially the designs that the concept artists make for the building interiors. Everything is just so beautiful. As soon as the trailer started, I was wowed by the environment shots in Anima's tundra. It's like something you'd see in a video game trailer. Fantastic!

    I haven't quite been this in awe since the part in Volume 5 where Vernal walks up to the Haven vault's portal door, with the tree with glowing flowers and such. I had a screenshot of that part as my laptop's lock screen for the longest time.

    Anyway! Moving on.

    So then, we've got RWBYQO walking throu…

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  • Phoenix0Uchiha

    First Day!!!

    October 15, 2018 by Phoenix0Uchiha

    Yahoo my dudes! It's my first day here on RWBY Wiki! I'm so excited to start contributing here to make the RWBY Wiki a better place! I hope that I can do well here!

    Thanks for reading if you did! Have a great day!!!
    Phoenix0UchihaPhoenix0Uchiha (talk) 22:53, October 15, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Naoshi Kanno


    October 14, 2018 by Naoshi Kanno

    i swear man rose tico is a better protag than ruby rose because 

    a) she isnt a plot device

    b) is a mechanic and actually knows how to fix stuff, while ruby only knows how to headbutt people

    c) better than her in a fight; doesnt need plot to intervene 


    please do not take this seriously please, for this is just a really cheesy and/or bad meme

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  • Gundam Legilis

    You know, it always bugged me why Ruby is said to lack in hand to hand combat, yet could beat up the two thugs back in the very first episode.

    People have always attributed it to Ruby focusing her Aura, or having enough adrenaline. But here's a more in-depth analysis of the scenario.

    From Dust Till Dawn is a very small and cramped, narrow space surrounded by volatile material. This means Ruby can't use her weapon. Yet Ruby beats up a thug, sends him flying over the counter, only to somehow generate enough momentum in a small space to kick the second guy through a window. Without Crescent Rose.

    One argument I heard was that she was focusing her Aura on the goons. But the two notable instances we've se…

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  • Vermillionaid

    RWBYGO (A Rework)

    September 30, 2018 by Vermillionaid

    Hello everyone, a long time ago, i've made a YGO version of RWBY but they are just bunch of crazy cards with no synergy. This time, the new Huntress archetype is released!. The monsters are made as close as possible to the character's ability.

    Any critics is very welcomed!

    • The Monsters

    1. Ruby Rose: Her speed semblance is translated into her direct-attack ability, at the cost of her current ATK halved. Also any level 4 Huntress monsters able to grab their equip spells right after they normal summoned. because RWBY is not RWBY without weapons.

    2. Yang Xiao Long: Her semblance is translated into her immune to destruction for once per turn, and gain ATK equal to the dmg she took, permanently.

    3. Blake: her clone semblance is translated into her ab…

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    First of all, let me clarify that by "Homages" I mean what Rooster Teeth considers homages. I'm also referring solely to the "homages" in fights, not stuff like Ruby referencing a speech from a real-life president for no discernible reason.

    Now, since the original 4 trailers, quite the number of RWBY's scenes, fights, and somethings parts of fights, have drawn base or inspiration from other works. Sometimes it's subtle, sometimes it's blatant. Sometimes it's just the idea, sometimes it's the exact same motions.

    For fight scenes, the ideas drawn upon are, understandably, the "cool stuff" kind of ideas. The things that look awesome, entertaining, amazing, etc. Monty did it in Vol.1 and 2 when making the fights, and Miles and Kerry have been do…

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  • DarkLove17181920

    My fave characters are: Yang&Ruby. Also Blake&Weiss. Oh and Cinder&Roman. Pyrra too. Basically, I have a lot of fave characters.

    Yangs' Zodiac Sign: Aries

    Ruby's Zodiac sign: Scorpio

    Weiss: Leo

    Blake: Virgo

    Cinder: Aries

    Roman: Capricorn

    Adam Tauruses' zodiac sign to me is pretty obvious, seeing as it is his last name.

    Pyrra: Aries

    What are you guys and girls fave characters? I really want to know in the comments section down below. Also, I want to know what y'all think too.

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  • Ltmaroon57

    Maybe Summer Is Alive?

    August 30, 2018 by Ltmaroon57

    I know that this is a decently well known theory, but I never thought that she was alive until recently. Here me out.

    It's only presumed that she's dead. She went MIA on a mission, leading her family to believe she was dead. There is only one time where death is mentioned when referring to her, and that was in the song, Red Like Roses pt. II, by Ruby. Again, the previous statement. All other times, it was implied that everyone presumed she was dead.

    Both times, when her presumed deaths are mentioned by Yang in volumes 2 and 5, she never says she died -she only says that she, "left on a mission, and never came back." Plus, her grave is more like a memorial. You don't bury someone on a cliff edge, otherwise, it would cause it to collapse, tak…

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  • Jkphantom9

    Tweet from RT's special projects director, Josh Jones:

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  • Jkphantom9


    August 16, 2018 by Jkphantom9

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  • Bluewindbag


    July 13, 2018 by Bluewindbag

    1) Basic Info

    Name: Collan Bisquit

    CNR Explanation: Bisquit is inspired by the food "Biscuit".

    Species: Human 

    Age: 21 

    Gender: Male

    Emblem: None

    Handedness: Right-Handed

    Nicknames: None

    Occupation: None

    2) Appearance:

    Aura Color: Dark Grey

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 153 lbs

    Eyes: Brown 

    Skin Color: Pale White

    Face Shape: Diamond

    Hair: Grey 

    Physical Traits: None

    Physique: Lean and muscular build

    Outfit: Black tactic jacket with grey t-shirt underneath, black pants and black sport shoes.

    Accessories: Head-sized steel bucket as a hemlet

    Gadgets: Ugly girl doll with a crucifix necklace wrapped around it

    3) Characteristics:

    Background: Collan was born in Anima. He lived with his grandmother-in-law, Vily, who lives in a small house at wind path after being banished by hi…

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  • Elephant777

    Howdy fans of RWBY,

    Awhile back I posted a ultra short blog that had no real meaning or meat, but a flat out slightly disrespectful plea for support on crowdfunding campaign that I launched.

    So the reason I am reposting this as a new blog is because I genuinely need your support to help make this crowdfunding campaign a success. No before you think I am asking for money that is not at all the help that I need from you. What I need is awareness that this campaign exist, that this book of mine exists. And that the only way for it to be a success if you value this story as much as I do. I recognize that is asking a lot because you have not truly read it or seen it, and I realize that you may feel no genuine need to simply post the link around o…

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  • SuperHighSchoolLevelFighter

    Okay, so it all started as I was musing about this RWBY fanfic I may or may not write if I can summon the energy, and I realised something. I mean, I don't know whether if it's just speculation on the actual show on my part or if it's just an idea that will be wasted, but here's a thought:

    What if RWBY ran with a theme of emotional control over others...with ALL of Team RWBY?

    (You don't foreshadow something like that in Time To Say Goodbye and then DON'T follow up on it. That's just narratively wrong.)

    I mean, it would create what sounds like a genuinely engaging story for the most part. The theme would create a very long character arc for one or more key players that can hang over their heads even as they resolve several other mini-arcs befo…

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  • ChishioKunrin

    Volume 6 Bingo

    June 10, 2018 by ChishioKunrin

    I finally got around to doing up a bingo card for Volume 6. It got kinda hard to figure out which boxes I wanted to put some of them in. This is pretty much a mix of things that I think will happen and want to happen.

    Yes, I think Henry Marigold will appear. Miles and Kerry have actually made a habit of introducing or mentioning characters before they're relevant (most of the time). I feel like Henry is no exception, especially since he has an actual full name right off the bat (unlike Shady Man -> Shay D Mann).

    Feel free to post yours in the comments.

    For over a month now, I've been thinking about making a different Bingo card in case Volume 6 is actually about their journey to Atlas instead of skipping to them being in Atlas (I'm not sure w…

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  • MistkFlamez

    While I obviously don't think she's dead, one thing that's important to think about is what if she is. I'm not sure if it's already been asked and discussed or not, but if Cinder really did die at the end of Volume 5, then who is next in line for that power. Of course we know that the power is passed on based on her final thoughts. So the obvious choices would be either Ruby, Emerald, Raven. But I would definitely want to know what are your thoughts on who, since it would definitely effect the story in some way.

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  • Elephant777

    White Winds

    June 3, 2018 by Elephant777

    Hey everyone it has been a long time, but given that this is a different form of social media its not like there is a cult following compared to say facebook or twitter lol

    NEVER THE LESS, I am here to try and advertise my indiegogo campaign to raise money to publish my book White Winds in any way that I can.

    If anyone is remotely interested, here is a link to the actual site:

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  • ChishioKunrin

    Hey, guys, I got the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle beta, and I figured I'd take some screenshots 'cause why not. I'm having fun with the game, and I'm thinking I might get the full game when it comes out, if I have the money to do so. After all, for me, Kingdom Hearts 3 takes priority, and I'm also wanting the Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

    First up, the RWBY-themed color palettes you can get in the item shop. All of the RWBY-themed color palettes are Color No.12.

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  • PhantomHeartless5

    Hi there. I know I'm not the most chatty or active person here on the wiki, but with Blazblue Cross Tag Battle merely a month away, I figured now is as good as time as any to write down what characters I'd like to see make it into the game. Now while this is primarily about what RWBY characters I want to see in the game, if you guys have characters from the other three games you want to see get added, don't hesitate to list them.

    With that, let's begin.

    Volume 1-3 Characters

    • Roman Torchwick: Of course, this list wouldn't be complete without mentioning everyone's favorite gangster. Armed with nothing but his cane, dashing good looks, and razor-sharp wit, the Smooth Criminal of the RWBY universe would be a welcome addition to the roster. I can see hi…
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  • Lauren Darkmore

    So hey, I'm leaving the wiki, been mostly inactive for a good long while not doing much but lending opinions to staff discussions behind the scenes I've been thinking about leaving for a while and Ark's recent proposal to remove my rights prompted me to actually go ahead and step down. I helped the wiki grow from near the start and now we have many talented staff and contributors who do things much better than I ever have. I'm not really needed around here anymore but it was a fun time these last few years.

    I'm still a fan of RWBY so I'll likely continue lurking in the Discord as a normal user but this is more or less goodbye on the wiki. Lauren Darkmore#5703 on Discord if anyone wants to poke me and catch up. I'll see you all around and wi…

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  • Sentry 616

    RWBY OC Weapons

    May 3, 2018 by Sentry 616

    Credit to Malcolm Neil for the original thread.

    This blog should be fairly self explanatory. You post pictures of art of weapons for OCs.

    Have fun on the range kids!

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  • USSMarauder

    We known that the world of Remnant from the series RWBY is a large place. It took months for team RNJR to walk from the island of Patch to Mystral, it took Weiss many hours to fly from Atlas to the north part of Anima, and it took Blake weeks to sail from Vale to Menagerie. But we're never given any actual distances in either miles or kilometers. However, there are several clues in the show itself.

    We'll start off by assuming that Remnant uses the same 24 hr hour clock and the same system of latitude and longitude as we do. There's plenty of evidence for the first item, like Weiss staring at the clock waiting for 3:59 to change to 4:00 so class will end.

    At first glance it looks like the map of Remnant is that of the entire planet, with seve…

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  • USSMarauder

    So having gone through the last two seasons in detail, we can now try to create a timeline for all the threads by working backwards from the Battle of Haven (BoH)

    This will be a 'minimum' timeline, in which all unknowns will assume to be as short as reasonable. Each thread is identified by season name, episode name, and character. 5.7RWY is the Ruby/Weiss/Yang thread in episode 7 of season 5.

    Battle of Haven - episodes 5.11-5.14

    5.9RWY & 5.10RWY : one day before BoH. Ozpin meets with Qrow & Ruby, meeting tomorrow night at Haven is set.

    5.8RWY could be that morning, except for the meeting between Salem's faction and Raven. Watts states that Haven academy will be attacked in two days, and the scene takes place at midday. Therefore it must be the…

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  • USSMarauder

    Detailed timeline of plot threads in seasons 4 & 5.

    Each entry begins with description of length of time since the entry above it. Blank spaces mean that the character was not featured in an episode.

    • Continuous-no/little gap in events
    • Shortly after-within a few hours or next morning.
    • Unknown-no clues as to timespan. Could be days or weeks. Some guesses have been made.
    • References to events in episodes before the previous one are given in brackets.

    After the fall of Beacon

    Blake leaves shortly after fall of Beacon

    Unknown. Blake is still at sea, speaks to Captain. Grimm attack and Sun's appearance could be that evening or days later

    Unknown. Blake & Sun arrive in Menagerie, meet Blake's parents & local WF

    Unknown. Could be that evening. Blake sp…

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  • Sgt D Grif

    Hey Folks

    April 11, 2018 by Sgt D Grif

    Hey all, it's Sgt D Grif, and you might have noticed that I haven't been around as much for the past few weeks. Last month, my grandfather was taken to the hospital after injuring himself, and he's unfortunately been on a downward slope from there. When he was first admitted to the hospital, it was only predicted that he'd be there for about a week or so, which is why I didn't communicate back then, since I was hoping to just get back to the normal routine and not really have to discuss things. However, with the various complications and new issues arising, he's still in there, and as of currently, the discussions are if he'll be leaving the hospital, not when.

    Unfortunately this means that my free time has been severely restricted, between v…

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  • Soldwolf

    Seahawk Blackside

    March 26, 2018 by Soldwolf

    Name: Seahawk Blackside

    Age: 50+

    Gender Male/Human

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 185 lbs.

    Hair: Black with Siver Highlights.

    Eyes: always in shadows As Seahawk always wears a baseball cap pulled low.

    Color: Leather

    Symbol: A katana superimposed on a crashing wave

    Skills: Seahawk is a Master Weaponsmith and Armorer.


    A average looking male that is easy to overlook in a crowd with a toned body and flat muscles of a swordsman. usually wearing a jeans and a tee shirt ( usually a dark gray or black color ) with a western style leather duster and no armor. His hands are usually covered with fingerless leather motorcycle gloves. Seahawk hair is cut short and he has a goatee that is more silver then black. He wears black combat boots on his feet. His jean…

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  • Gemmaniac

    Since I have a lot of spare time as of these three months, I decided to give customizing the achievement badges a shot. Yes, I know this is the admin team's work but I thought it won't hurt to give a few of my own suggestions, and if none of the ones I suggested get picked then I'll just add these to my profile gallery. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that some of these aren't made by me (Like the "Welcome to Beacon" one, The "Boop!" one, etc.) since the admins already customized it but I'm still gonna add it here so it shows the complete list of badges. (The badges I made aren't transparent by the way. Also, please excuse the bad editing, that's just poor editing skills on my part)

    Badge Name Badge Icon Description Ideal Badge Name…
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  • Skyyyyyyyyyy


    March 23, 2018 by Skyyyyyyyyyy
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  • Sentry 616

    Ah, Horizon Zero Dawn. A wonderful game, if a grim plan.

    If you read my last silly bog, or the you know how this stupidity works. I determine which weapons are best for a character based on personality and fighting style. Sadly this bolg won't last very long, but I'll hopefully find some fun in it, so here I go. Update: This is actually going to be a different kind of diversion, since I'm prioritizing companions over weapons.

    Possible spoilers ahead.

    Each character gets four weapon "types," for the four quick select slots. I might also give them a heavy weapon if It's fitting. Since lower tier version are made completely redundant once yoiu get the newer/better version, we'll assume they're using the best available.

    Upon reflection, I've decide…

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  • Questionsarereal

    Has anyone ever thought about the fact that rubys mother is a maiden and was "killed", meaning her powers moved on, meaning they either went onto a family member or her killer, which they said was grimm. meaning it went to a family member! and who was her most precious family member? RUBY! is ruby the new summer maiden? maybe she was to young so the powers moved on till shes old enough?!?!?! season six? plot twist???? I need some closure about this right now!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Questionsarereal

    Has anybody realized what red like roses part 2 is actually about? i was listening to it a couple days ago, and then realized what the lyrics were saying. so I looked up the lyrics and decided to investigate. I have a couple of theorys as to what the song is about, but it still amazes me, how someone can write such an emotinial song, with so much meaning and purpose behind it. When I read threw the lyrics, I realized how it mentioned " I never planned that I would leave you there alone, I was sure I would see you when I made it back home.". Which yang mentioned in the first couple episodes that rubys mother had never came back home from a mission. People are saying that rubys mother was one of the Four maidens, and if she was. why did she …

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  • Chaton15

    I have become obsessed with the song "Red Like Roses" since I started watching it, (part one) so Ima gonna learn it on the piano at some point. ;)

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  • PrototypeSaber

    Genuine Question

    March 6, 2018 by PrototypeSaber

    So, I myself am an Owner to an inprogress wiki that I am working hard on.

    I've taken notice that on the RWBY Wiki that the Admins/Mods are listed, I for the life of my cannot actually do such a thing, I've asked google and no results have come up.

    Could I maybe get some help from someone who actually knows?

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  • ILikeToEatFoodAndFangirl

    Okay, so as much as I love Ruby, she is probably one of the most underdeveloped main characters in RWBY. I really want her to finally get some of her own time to shine other than just being the optimistic chracter in team rwby. So anyway like the title says, can any of you guys estimate which volume will finally give us some ruby chracter development?

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