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  • Hunter4894


    April 28, 2017 by Hunter4894

    Core Info

    1) Basic Info 

    Group Name: Necron 

    Why this name: It is ment to inspire fear in others 

    Current Leader: Scar Chro 

    Group age: 75 years 

    Group Emblem: A black skull with a crack in it 

    Group Occupations: Terrorism, Drug distrobution, Assasination, Blackmarket trading, and other criminal activities.

    Generals: Hayden Chercoal, Flae Mahog

    Why this group was created: To subjegate the world under its fear  

    2) Grunt Appearances:

    Uniform: A white long sleve button shirt, Black dress pants, Black boots, An apron that stops a few inches above the knees with white accents which most of the time are stained pink. Elbow length gloves with the necron simbol on the hand.

    Masks: Each mask is the same, A black skull with the mouth cut off and black cloth un…

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  • Vermillionaid

    Trading Card (?)

    April 26, 2017 by Vermillionaid

    i hyped to Yu Gi Oh lately (thanks DuelLinks), and i was surprised when i heard RT released RWBY "Trading Card". i was expecting they released Remnant Board Game-like cards, then i disappointed when i saw they are just.. cards..

    soo i decided to make "YuGiOh" version of RWBY, and i hope RT create card game version(TCG) of RWBY soon. sorry for bad english

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  • Hunter4894


    April 24, 2017 by Hunter4894

    Core Info

    1) Basic Info

    Name: Dewitt Marcus  

    CNR Explanation: Dew is a type of bluish green mix, And Marcus is Mars the red planet 

    Species: Human

    Age: 17 

    Gender: Male 

    Emblem: A thorn covered vine wrapped around a branch  

    Handedness: Left 

    Nicknames: Dew

    Occupation: Member of team BRGD 

    2) Appearance:

    Aura Colour: Light Green 

    Height: 5'8 

    Weight: 180 lbs 

    Eyes: Green 

    Skin Color: Mediam white 

    Face Shape: round 

    Hair Color: Green and just under green ear length combed back 

    Physical Traits: A small tattoo of his symbol on his hand 

    Outfit: A green jacket with black swirling markings with his symbol on his back in blue and a black T-shirt. Grey torn slacks and blacks shoes. 

    Accessories: A bark brown belt with his symbol on the buckle. A golden pocket watc…

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  • Agent ND If you guys have any comments, please post them here.

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  • Agent ND
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  • General Esdeath

    Welp, last weekend I went to a convention cosplaying as Qrow Branwen and went together with a whole RWBY squad.

    My girlfiend (cosplaying as Yang) posted a picture on Twitter, only to be retweeted by Rooster Teeth themselves which is pretty amazing! 

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  • Hunter4894

    Ginger (RWBY OC)

    April 10, 2017 by Hunter4894

    Core Info

    1) Basic Info

    Name: Ginger Mayflower 

    CNR Explanation: Ginger is a type of really dark yellow, or a fruit/vegitable with a yellow inside 

    Species: Human

    Age: 17 

    Gender: Female 

    Emblem: A bullet with wings 

    Handedness: Right 

    Nicknames: Mayflower, Gingy 

    Occupation: member of team BRGD 

    2) Appearance:

    Aura Colour: Yellow 

    Height: 5'3 

    Weight: 110 lbs 

    Eyes: bright blue 

    Skin Colour: Fair skin 

    Face Shape: Heart  

    Hair: shoulder length bright curly blonde 

    Physical Traits: a small tattoo of her symbol on her left foot 

    Outfit: She wears a grey crop top which stops just above her stomach. She also has a white tail coat which reaches the back of her knees with yellow accents and her symbol on her back. She also has black tight pants and white knee leng…

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  • Hunter4894

    Rusty (BRGD)

    April 9, 2017 by Hunter4894

    Core Info

    1) Basic Info

    Name: Rusty Lynchan 

    CNR Explanation: Rusty or just rust is a dirty type of red 

    Species: Faunus 

    Age: 18 

    Gender: Male 

    Emblem: a wolfs paw with a small thorn in it 

    Handedness: amibidextris

    Nicknames: Rust 

    Occupation: member of team BRGD 

    2) Appearance:

    Aura Colour: Silver

    Height: 6'2 

    Weight: 210 lbs 

    Eyes: green 

    Skin Colour: Olive tan 

    Face Shape: Diamond 

    Hair: Red 

    Physical Traits: Fox ears on the top of his head. His symbol tattoed on his waist 

    Outfit: He has a red suit vest with no shirt underneath revealing most of his skin mostly his arms and waist. black dress pants with black dress shoes. 

    Accessories: a silver watch, black fingerless gloves, sunglasses with black lenses and red frames, A red bandana with his symbol in bl…

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  • Hunter4894

    Basilt (BRGD)

    April 9, 2017 by Hunter4894

    Core Info

    1) Basic Info

    Name: Basilt Chercoal 

    CNR Explanation: Basilt is a play on Basalt a grey type of rock, and Chercoal is a play on Charcoal burnt black wood 

    Species: Human

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Emblem: A skull with a spike through it 

    Handedness: Right 

    Nicknames: none

    Occupation: Nomadic vigilante and leader of team BRGD

    2) Appearance:

    Aura Colour: Dark red 

    Height: 7'01

    Weight: 540 lbs 

    Eyes: red 

    Skin Colour: Pale white

    Face Shape: Oval 

    Hair: Black buzzcut 

    Physical Traits: His body is covered in scars and has his shoulder branded on the right shoulder 

    Outfit: On his lower body he wears a pair of grey and black pixle camo cargo pants, He has steel plated knee pads and black combat boots. He has a skintight grey sweat shirt on and above that is a t…

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  • Jkphantom9

    So, this past weekend, RvB 15 aired, and at the moment, it's still only viewable for FIRST Members until this Sunday, when it becomes available for regular site members, public, and on Youtube. Currently this is for shows such as RvB, Sex Swing, Million Dollars But..., and RTAA, but this might also effect RWBY and RWBY Chibi if RT continues to go through with this schedule

    I've been looking at discussions about this on Reddit, and there is a very noticeable divide. Some FIRST Members are saying that this is just an extra perk that they get to watch it a week before everyone else does, but other FIRST members are saying that this is going to segregate the non-FIRST members from participating in episode di…

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  • K2Shape

    RWBY Grimm Eclipse

    Cleared chapter 9 in eclipse difficulty using Yang Xiao Long.

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  • DemonicsFire

    season 5 of hurt heal. god has the time flowen by. this time its the season 1 epasondes (and the trailers). was going to be the beacon arc.... but that would of be way to big. il prob do each season by itself.

    a recap of the rules (for new people and people like me thats memory is like a sieve

    ◾ each day you can hurt, heal, double hurt, heal two different things, hurt two different things or hurt the same thing two times. no double healing of the same Grimm

    ◾ starting hp is 20 and the max is 50

    ◾ if you want to change your vote you can but not within the hr after the "day" change (so 0:00:00-1:00:00).

    ◾ if you have a problem with someone post to them on there wall and not in the game.

    ◾ if you start a fight with someone you may get a ban

    ◾ no an…

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  • JSnider26

    Sometimes I feel bad about asking if we should update templates. I'd been hounding for Taiyang to get a V4 upgrade for the first seven weeks it seemed. And then I started the discussion that ended with Emerald and Mercury getting updates too. I'm doing that again for Ruby here. 

    Here are two images, one a cropped version of the other, for what I think has potential for a new Ruby template image.

    I do have some gripes with it. Mostly that it feels too cramped (no space above the head, etc). I thought we should do something from the newest episode since we currently have something from the character short. Maybe I'm influenced by the fact that we had updated Jaune's image at the very end of volume 3 (to be honest, though, that had perfect fram…

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  • GreyStark

    Where'd Hazel go?

    February 24, 2017 by GreyStark

    Seriously she's been gone for a week.

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  • Lord Jaric

    Project Mashup

    February 24, 2017 by Lord Jaric

    So I'm getting back into making mashup videos (or whatever you want to call them since there doesn't seem to be a universal name for them) so I'm making this blog to at least share my RWBY ones as well as anyone else who would like to share their own.

    Newest Mashup

    RWBY Inquisition Trailer

    Trailer Mashups

    RWBY Rogue One Trailer

    Mashup Scenes

    RWBY Lion King Mr. Pig Mashup Scene

    RWBY The Rock Rocketman Mashup Scene

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  • Gundam Legilis

    Hello everybody!

    After watching Volume 4, I had a thought in my head. What kind of Kingdom is Mistral? I mean in the sense of what cultures inspired its creation.

    When I first heard of Mistral, I thought it was mostly based on Greek culture, based on Pyrrha Nikos' 4 time consecutive championships, along with her and Neptune's references to Greece (the island does border the Mediterranean). Then once SSSN (especially Scarlet and Neptune) came into play (and maybe Cinder's goons), I thought that Mistral was a city based more of seafaring cultures, with inland farming. That it was more of a mishmash than anything. That, and the design of the Haven uniforms - they had an urban feel to them, that neither resembled a seafaring culture nor a farmin…

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  • Lord Jaric

    Mashup trailer

    February 19, 2017 by Lord Jaric

    Here's a little something I recently made. Its been years since I've made one of these mashup trailers so I'm a bit rusty. First one I've done with RWBY.

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  • DemonicsFire

    its that time again. time for a new H/H game. For season 4 its going to be Grimm!

    The rules are the same as past H/H games. A recap they are:

    ◾ each day you can hurt, heal, double hurt, heal two different Grimm, hurt two different Grimm or hurt the same Grimm two times. no double healing of the same Grimm

    ◾ the Grimm start at 20 hp and the max hp they can have is 50

    ◾ if you want to change your vote you can but not within the hr after the "day change (so 0:00:00-1:00:00).

    ◾ if you have a problem with someone post to them on there wall and not in the game.

    ◾ if you start a fight with someone you may get a ban

    ◾ no anon plays unless we know who they are. make an account then your votes will be counted

    ◾ we play with "gentleman rules". you trust peo…

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  • DemonicsFire

    so season 4 is of h/h is on us. but what to do for it...

    as last time, I'm opening it to the floor for options. whatever one is liked the most will be the next

    ideas so far:


    Characters (updated)

    Ships (updated)



    for the length I see grim being a smaller game, unless the starting and max heath goes up. characters and ships may be a bit soon, only a handful of new people showed up and there's like 3 new ships (blank/ren mom and dad and the sun/blacks mom).

    episodes and songs will be a bit long, for eps we may or may not add in the world of remments eps. they would be easy to find as well, unlike the new ship names....

    so any other ideas?

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  • JSnider26

    I hope I didn't rehash a blog that's been made before, but I noticed after the Much Needed Talk that Darkness, Light, Knowledge and even Choice were all brought up in the same scene before.

    Pyrrha mentioned them to Jaune all the way back in The Emerald Forest, part one. Right after she mentions Aura and right before she unlocks Jaune's. 

    Here's the quote:

    Pyrrha:   They are the darkness, and we are the light.

    Jaune:    Right, that's why we fight them.

    Pyrrha:    It's not about why; it's about knowingUnderstanding dark and light helps us manifest our Aura. Everyone has some of both.

    Annnnd if everyone has some of both darkness and light, say I, then it would mean they would choose how they use darkness or light.

    I can't believe they would slip this in s…

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  • Blake Griffin
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  • Matsananimal

    My first prediction is that although Yang will likely reunite with Ruby in Haven Academy, I think a series of tragedies will prevent both Weiss and Blake from reuniting with the team in Mistral. The hints of the girls fully reuniting together in the near future at the end of Volume 4 sounded all too convenient to me to be true. 

    What are your predictions of what might go down in Volume 5? Share your thoughts and predictions whenever you guys like!  ^.^

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  • MigsDaRutt

    Volume 5 Bingo

    February 8, 2017 by MigsDaRutt

    Attention! Volume 4 is over, which means so is Volume 4 Bingo. But since Rooster Teeth already confirmed that there will be a Volume 5, that means that we can now start working on Volume 5 Bingo. Here's the Volume 5 Bingo card so you can get started.

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    We are now at the very final episode of the season..........sadly. Looking back, I think adding a few extra episodes would've severely helped the pacing and allowed them to give more screentime to some characters (CoughWattsCough) without making the whole thing feel so rushed.

    I'm still thinking of making a blog post later where I list my general issues with the Volume. For now, we focus on this.

    Language of Truth:

    Red means Fact, Truth, in the eyes of the user.

    Blue means hypothesis, guess, spitballing, thoughts.

    Now, this would've been posted earlier, but I was forced to take more time due to the longer lenght of the episode.

    We begin this episode with our almighty heroes being thrown back like ragdolls while Qrow is chilling out in the backgr…

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  • Hidden Scorpius XI

    ... Well that's encouraging!

    Hello everyone. I'm back with the final Impressions Blog of Volume 4, in the chapter that will bring down the entire Volume... no seriously, the entire volume has just been set ups for this conclussion. There has been so little character exploration that it almost goes unnoticed. Things like Yang getting over her fear or Blake's paranoia were all taken care of off-screen, and that was not a smart decision, IMO. Merry still hasn't wrapped their head around the concept of pacing, and they're just too anxious to get to this part. I wonder if it's because they don't know or don't care, but either option is really discouraging.

    But anyways, let's stop complaining and start biting our nails. This, is No Safe Haven:

    • We o…
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  • GreyStark

    And now we wait....

    February 4, 2017 by GreyStark

    I guess I'm going to catch up on Arrow or super girl or something.


    Eight months.

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  • Orchetrance

    Tyrian's Semblance?

    February 4, 2017 by Orchetrance

     Before anybody says it, it's higly unlikely that his semblance is venom. He's a scorpion faunus, of course he has venom in his stinger. Whatever his semblance is probably has to do with that scene with Qrow's sword. Not only was Tyrian unable to dodge Qrow's punches, but he didn't even attack until Qrow grabbed his weapon again. That scene was shot that way on purpose, no doubt. What could it be? 

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    The Nuckelavee. The first Grimm we've been introduced to that has actually left a good impact in me, for giving a good image of being creepy, badass, and actually shown killing people (well, kinda).

    And if I'm lucky, it will actually kill a member of RNJR. Maybe it will instead/also kill Qrow, who for a poisoned drunkard that is likely barely aware of his surroundings at the moment, has survived for...what, 3 episodes? With no real sign of being closer to death in Ep11 than he was before.

    Tomorrow for Sponsors, and post-Tomorrow for us freebies, the Finale will come, and with it we shall see if the Nuckelavee lives up to the hype. But because I don't want to be disappointed in the end, I want to celebrate it NOW.

    As such, I've taken some 30 m…

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  • Orchetrance

     Let me make one thing clear, volume 4 isn't bad. The animatation has improved significantly, and it's nice to get some more info on some of the characters. My main issue is with the wrighting. It just feels so forced half of the time, and the decisons some of the characters make (such as Ren and Nora splitting up) make no sense.

     What do you all think?

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    So, we're at the probably-penultimate episode of the season...

    There are quite a number of threads that need at least a present resolution, and also threads that feel ignored. Overall, the Volume seems very focused on building up the next Volume instead of trying to stand on it's own and get anything done, but at the same time it seems to be desperate to get that build-up done in time.

    Like I've mentioned before, Yang's, Weiss's and Oscar Mayer's development felt rushed, given how they skipped their development somewhat. Never saw Yang's difficulty with the arm the first few days, never saw Weiss fail at her first few Summon attempts, never saw Oscar start thinking leaving was the right choice.

    Cinder and co. have barely even appeared or done…

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  • Hidden Scorpius XI

    Okay people. Second to last episode before RWBY goes back into hiatus until next fall. Will this episode push the knife and twist it 1800 degrees? I honestly don't wanna know.

    ... Let's do this:

    • We open this episode with Cinder using Fire Claw.
    • Oooh, maybe she also lost an arm/hand? Yikes.
    • Hmm... despite being scary as ****, Salem is still a good mentor.
    • And here comes wimpy, whiny Tyrian. I wonder what excuse he'll come up with.
    • Uh-oh, Tyrian assures that Qrow's as good as death... *breath-sucking* Dammit.
    • ... Let me be clear here, Tyrian is... kinda sympathetic. In a very sad, pathetic and disturbing way HOLY SHIT! The PG Rating is crying in a corner right now.
    • Back in Patch, Yang is done doing a paint job on her arm... It needs some flames.
    • Oh l…
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  • ACWeapons

    Salem's Armor

    January 29, 2017 by ACWeapons

    After a few months, I'm almost done with this drawing. How does it look so far? Here's one with and without the signature. I did everything except the background.

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  • Jkphantom9

    Wow, Volume 4 is not even finished yet, but Volume 5 is already being announced! This is pretty cool, RT's getting ahead of the game :D

    Official article here:

    Additionaly, RWBY Chibi confirmed for a May release, looking forward to more cuteness ^_^

    Other RT Animation shows coming soon:

    Sex Swing - Feb 18: 2D animated series from the crazy guys at Funhaus XD

    RvB Season 15 - Coming in April (just in time for RT's 15th anniversary!): Finally we find out what happened after that cliffhanger ending from Season 13

    Camp Camp Season 2 - June: First season was pretty funny, might check out the second

    2017 might turn out to be a good year after all :D

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    Youjo Senki is the best anime of the season. Deus lo Vult.

    So, since I'm 99% sure we'll see a new Animalian location, and so far every damn place in Anima that isn't called Mistral is named after a flower, I decided to waste a bit of my time checking on Hanakotoba....the japanese language of flowers. Let's see:

    -Kuchinashi = Secret Love. Ren and Nora are going there.....oh my god, does it finally become canon?

    -Shion = Remembrance....well, we got Jaune talking about his good old days when his family went on intercontinental(?) camping trips right before we saw the ruins. And Ruby had some nightmares remembering Pyrrha's last moments.

    -Higanbana.... = Never to meet again...Lost Memory....Abandonment...I don't see how what happened in Higanbana …

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  • Kirito Rose

    Semblance Debate

    January 23, 2017 by Kirito Rose

    Core Info

    1)Basic info

    -Name: Nathan Rua

    -CNR explanation: Rua means red

    -Species: Human

    -Age: 17

    -Gender: male

    -Symbol: a red lily 


    -Handedness: right 

    -Physical traits: Tattoo of a cross on his right shoulder, stab scar on his left thigh and three scratch marks on his left ribcage under his armpit

    -Nicknames: Nate, Deadshot, Hun, 

    -Occupation: Huntsman in training

    -Team Acronym: STRR


    -Aura Colour: red

    -Aura Effects: Red Aural light pulses around his body like a heartbeat when he gets strong emotions.

    -Height: 5’6

    -Weight: 160

    -Eyes: Deep blue 

    -Skin color: fairish peach


    -Face: angular,

    -Hair: strawberry red, hangs in bangs over his right eye, upper neck


    -Physique: lean, strong, abs 

    -Combat/Casual Outfit: Brown, kinda baggy jacket w…

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  • Hidden Scorpius XI

    That thumbnail, man. Such a precious, pure expression.... This is gonna suck.

    Hellow everyone. We've reached the double digits of this volume, and we are apparently finally getting some so needed development for Lie Ren. What heartbreaking events lead him to become the stoic, no-nonsense guy we know him as? Let's find out.

    • We open with Oscar, who is leaving the farm without even giving her aunt a goodbye. Could he be related to Sora? Both have disembodied relatives.
    • Look, a train station that is out of order. No wonder everybody is traveling by foot in Anima.
    • Oscar is broke as glass. And Hazel might be getting him even more broker... Wait WHAT?!
    • So... Good guy Hazel confirmed?
    • WHAT THE HELL! The trains do work? Then why are the kids travelling b…
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  • Hidden Scorpius XI

    Oh boy, I honestly didn't think we'd be getting a WoR covering the details about this oh so reminded event of Remnant History. Why, it might even be a straight telling of the events, with no vagueness whatsoever!


    Yeah, Why get our hopes up? Let's see what interesting information we can learn with this:

    Huh, so the War was the result of a breaking point of a century-old tension between the Four Kingdoms. Particularly, the stubborness of Mistral's Emperor to share the rich resources of the land with the other Kingdoms... Except for Mantle, who provided the former with weapons and technology.

    I have to wonder, what technological advancements did they have for that period of time? For the way they portray Mantle's representative, I feel the m…
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  • Sgt D Grif

    Image Switcher Broken

    January 11, 2017 by Sgt D Grif

    Hey there, as you may have already noticed, the image switchers on characters' infoboxes no longer function properly. Unfortunately, Wikia has released one of its updates and this time around, the side-effect is that it broke our image tabber. I have contacted Wikia about the situation, and in the meantime, we are attempting to see if we can find any way to fix it on our own.

    UPDATE: It is now fixed!

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    2 steps forward, 2 steps back...Forward Forward, Back Back....Up Up, Down Down....


    L R L R STOP & Dash & UP & TALK B B A B START



    → ↓ ↑ → → ↓ → → ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← →

    → ↓ ↑ → → ↓ → → ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← →

    → ↓ B A X Y L R ↑ ↑ ↓ A Y L R A

    → ↓ ↑ → A X Y R ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓

    → B ↓ A Y ↑ L → ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → Y L


    LAnguAge of tRUth:

    Red meanS f4ct, truth in the eyes of the user(?)

    Blu3 is hypoTHesis, gueSsing, pONder1ng, wonderING.

    01000001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01101110 01101111 01110111 00100000 01110111 01100101 00100000 01100010 01100101 01100111 01101001 01101110

    We begin our day with a sparring session between Taiyang and Yang whil…

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  • Hidden Scorpius XI

    Well, my good mood streak is over now. Got rushed up this morning, had to do a lot of annoying s**t this morning, and my headphones snapped in half.

    Let's get this over with.

    (As a random, drunk parenthesis: Did you remember Birdie? What if it was Qrow? OAO. XD)

    • We open with our favorite Blondie sparring with Taiyang. Brawler Tai confirmed.
    • HOLY SHIT! Zwei has Scleras... and stubby legs with no fingers... The Uncanniness is confuzled
    • Thanks to exposition, we know that they've been doing that for a whole week. The balance thing would make sense, sorta.
    • Yang didn't have any issues adapting to her new arm... That's kinda Mary Sue-ish, isn't it?
    • Whoah! Dirty Move. Referee!
    • Okay, Zwei looks extremely weird now.
    • "Let me list down all this performance fla…
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  • TheMegaMeowstic

    I Have Quotev!

    January 3, 2017 by TheMegaMeowstic

    Hey guys, since I'm new to the wiki I just wanted to tell you that I have a Quotev and I post RWBY stories on it!

    My username is TheMegaMeowstic and so far I have only written the prologue for my story, RWBY-Psycho Wave, but I will add more soon!

    Go check it out if you have time!


    Stay Meowstycal!

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  • MigsDaRutt

    Pyrrha tribute

    January 3, 2017 by MigsDaRutt

    If anyone's interested, I made a Pyrrha tribute video on YouTube. Here's a link:

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    Hey, wanna see graceful Weiss being graceful?

    Last year was terrible.

    Mostly bad news after bad news.

    Hope this year's better.

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  • ChishioKunrin

    When Qrow punched Tyrian, a lot of people were crying ridiculousness because it's impossible for him not to have seen it coming, and then he just stood by and let Qrow get his weapon back. But guess what I just found out.

    Scorpions have bad eyesight.

    Scorpions rely on sound and vibrations to understand what's happening around them, and when you're in a fight, using metal weapons, running around on a hard surface, there are a lot of sounds and vibrations going on.

    While fighting Qrow, Tyrian kept getting low to the ground where a lot of the footstep vibrations were.

    When he disarmed Qrow, suddenly Qrow didn't have that big noisy metal sword. Then, he got distracted by the most obvious noise in the battlefield: Ruby's gunfire. He wasn't even loo…

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  • Hidden Scorpius XI


    And with that out of the way, let's go back onto the story-time with Drunkle Qrow.

    • For the record: I still DESPISE RT's Video Player. WHY CAN'T THEY JUST USE FLASH?!
    • Something I noticed in Weiss' clip of the opening: In the second shot it shows Klein in the foreground with Shoehorn in the back, while the third shot shows Jacques in the foreground and Ironwood in the back. Seeing their placements and their current disposition towards Weiss, this might have been a hint of Shoehorn's true colors.
    • We cut back... NOT where we were left off. The story-time was off-screen... They have, once again, neglected the much praised story-telling technique of "Showing, no Telling," by skipping Qrow's narration of things and conveyin…
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  • DemonicsFire

    Well 2017 is here for some of us.. allmost for me... stupid phone posted before i was ready so im 5 mins early... gg 2016.. one last kick in my nutts..

    Hope everyone has a good year

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow


    Now, I'm sure you're asking yourself: "Why Corvus Punch? Why not Crow Punch?".....well, I first considered Raven Punch, but of course he's not Raven.... Crow Punch just sounds dull. Then I decided Corvus Punch, which is good enough.

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  • Hidden Scorpius XI

    HAPPY HOLYDAYS Everyone! For some of us, today is christmas day, so what better way to celebrate it than with a new episode of RWBY and another Impressions Blog? Probably a lot of things!

    Onto my list of snark:

    • Aaaaaaaaaaaaand back with Oscar... I really hope the payoff of this build up is worth it.
    • Okay, so Oscar and Ozpin are part of some sort of weird Avatar-knockoff legacy.
    • That window reflection is all messed up! Oscar turned right, and his reflection turned RIGHT TOO!
    • Oz, if you wanna make the kid think he's not crazy, maybe you shouldn't have scared the ever living heck out of him with your "Hello, I'm Professor Ozpin!" schtick.
    • Well, one thing's for sure: Oscar's life is more interesting than Jaune's.
    • No pressures, eh Oz?
    • And back in Atlas…
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  • GreyStark


    December 25, 2016 by GreyStark

    Well about three weeks ago I said somewhere that I'd post my best Christmas song on Christmas Day, so here it is:

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  • Hidden Scorpius XI

    Alright, after Last Week's Cliffhanger, many people are excited to see how's it going to resolve, right?

    LOL, Sorry. The cReWBY is milking everything they can out of this cliffhanger. This week, we have a WoR regarding the History of the SDC. So, are we going to learn infuriating new stuff, or hear the same infuriating old stuff? Let's find out.

    Well, Qrow just summed up everything we've been shown about the SDC in one rant: Most of the Company (Jacques) only cares about the profit, and has a complete disregard for people's lives. Stuff we already knew. However, we do learn something about the conception of the company: Young Nicholas Schnee (Totally based on Santa Claus (Saint Nick)) son of a dust-miner born at the start of an industrial re…

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