• Chaton15

    I have become obsessed with the song "Red Like Roses" since I started watching it, (part one) so Ima gonna learn it on the piano at some point. ;)

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  • PrototypeSaber

    Genuine Question

    March 6, 2018 by PrototypeSaber

    So, I myself am an Owner to an inprogress wiki that I am working hard on.

    I've taken notice that on the RWBY Wiki that the Admins/Mods are listed, I for the life of my cannot actually do such a thing, I've asked google and no results have come up.

    Could I maybe get some help from someone who actually knows?

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  • ILikeToEatFoodAndFangirl

    Okay, so as much as I love Ruby, she is probably one of the most underdeveloped main characters in RWBY. I really want her to finally get some of her own time to shine other than just being the optimistic chracter in team rwby. So anyway like the title says, can any of you guys estimate which volume will finally give us some ruby chracter development?

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  • Gemmaniac

    Okay, putting aside all the in-show evidence of Qrow x Winter having a chance of becoming a thing, im just gonna state why shipping Qrow x Winter isnt wrong cus many of you seem to like, not ship them cus of the possibility of their age gap being a huge difference or just cus most of yall ship qrow/winter with someone else (and since i havent seen anyone post abt their ages yet why not). So here goes, since shes confirmed to be around 20 something and since Maidens arent supposed to be too old and out that together with the fact that Raven is the current Spring Maiden and the fact that Miles confirmed that she cant be older than 30 in that case, and since shes Qrow's twin sister. That would mean that the SnowBird ship isnt pedophilia at al…

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  • Jkphantom9

    EDIT: AMA is over

    If you guys have questions, come on by to Reddit and ask away! Otherwise, post your questions in the comments and I'll try to get it answered on Reddit for ya.

    AMA goes from 3pm to 4pm CST.

    Interesting tidbits:

    (this is a copypasta from RWBY Analysis on Tumblr)

    Each of Ozpin’s incarnations has its own name

    Why Mercury works for Cinder isn’t a simple question to answer, but that will get explored on the show “pretty soon” 

    On Qrow’s semblance: "It’s not necessarily constantly running, it’s more that it randomly spikes to cause unfortunate situations. If he chooses to amplify it in a fight, then yes, it does cost him.”

    Winter was never going …

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  • 0WendyMarvell0

    Likes and Dislikes

    February 10, 2018 by 0WendyMarvell0

    First off, dislikes. I despise trolls (and morons, bigots, racists, and people who don't know how to spell). This includes people who hate. Just in general.

    Not 'don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything' or whatever it is, because anyone knows I'd never speak if that was a thing, but... y'know. I also hate it when people try to tell me to convert. I'm perfectly happy with my religion. I'm talking to you, Child-of-God6. STOP IT.

    Also, when people tell me what to do. I love you, Ben, but quit it!

    I like writing, anime, and other stuff that I am under no obligation to tell you. So I won't.

    I think we're done here.

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  • KappaDash

    This is it...

    Here is my theory:

    Cinder is dead and the new fall maiden is unknown however will appear in volume 6.


    Remember the scene where Cinder fell-

    Oh yeah, you do. This wiki states the status of Cinder is unknown. However, I think she's dead.

    A few reasons:

    1. Her aura was depleted

    2. She was frozen

    3. She's falling into an abyss

    Now here's the fun part: Who's the next fall maiden?

    Here we go. 

    In RWBY: Combat Ready, there would be an add-on future character to appear in Volume 6. Rooster Teeth did confirm that the character was a sub-boss, which meant he/she was a villain. This villain may have some sort of association/alliance with Cinder and is likely a she. "She" might've been the last person Cinder thought about. "She" could play a…

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  • InterGalaxtic03
    • Disclaimer this is just a fan thing, not to be taken seriously. I was just toying around with things. I'll try to post these weekly if you guys like it so make sure to post a comment if you actually enjoyed.

    Oscar, Qrow, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Jaune, Ren and Nora are walking through a forest, the eerie silence is clearly too much for Nora.

    Nora: Are we there yet? We’ve been walking for like a million years!

    Ren: Nora, we’ve been walking for about 2 days and have had about 4 breaks. You should be used to this, remember the trek to Mistral that nearly took a year.

    Qrow: Kid, the way to Atlas is going to be a trip that can take about a year to two years by foot. Which is good, I’ve got a guy I know just east of here. Should only be about a few da…

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  • InterGalaxtic03

    67 1 "To Atlas and Beyond" 18:09 October 13, 2018

    Qrow, Oscar, Team RWBY, Jaune, Ren, and Nora get on their way to Atlas. Blake asks Qrow and Oscar questions about Salem to which they answer. Yang confronts Blake about leaving them for so long and not doing anything about it but Blake says that she tried her best, but more things were occupying her time. Emerald tells Salem that Cinder is gone and that Yang has the relic. So Salem tasks Mercury, Adam, Watts and Hazel the job of finding Yang, stealing the relic of her, and killing her.

    68 2 "Mending Fences" 20:44 October 20, 2018

    Tai Yang and Raven talk to each other about Yang and Qrow and about how they are not safe especially now that Yang has a relic. Tai Yang starts to get mad at Raven ab…

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  • Sentry 616

    Super Blue Blood Moon

    January 31, 2018 by Sentry 616

    Who's (trying to) watch it?

    Sound off!

    I would have  put this on my message wall, but the publish/post button was gone.

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  • Shiyilang


    January 29, 2018 by Shiyilang

    Core Info

    1)  Basic Info:

    • Name: Delphine Éclairé

    • CNR Explanation: Delphinium, or larkspur, is a blue flower, and éclairé means to inspire or enlighten.

    • Species: Fox Faunus

    • Age: 28

    • Gender: Female

    • Emblem: A stylized, pale blue, feather quill, with swirls of blue ink surrounding it

    • Handedness: Ambidextrous

    • Nicknames: N/A

    • Occupation: Fashion designer/sometimes Huntress

    2) Appearance:

    • Aura Colour: Periwinkle/light blue

    • Height: 5’10”

    • Weight: 135 lbs

    • Eyes: Grey-blue

    • Skin Colour: Pale peach

    • Face Shape: Oval

    • Hair: White and straight (oh god that came out wrong). It changes every day, but it always has bangs and is long. Sometimes in a ponytail, sometimes just down, sometimes in an elaborate updo. She seems to have to express herself through her hair as much as her c…

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  • Mysterymenace

    Pyrrha's Revival

    January 29, 2018 by Mysterymenace
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  • ForeignAgent

    I know I'm new here and I do apologize for my English, but I really need to express myself after watching such a disgusting volume or my head is gonna explode. It's said that videogames make people cruel - hell, no! This show does - I definetely wanted to kill somebody or, at least, throw  the PC in the window after Finale.

    Call me a hater, a child who just don't understand the great design or whatever, because I'm really pissed off. I just can't take how Monty's legacy became THIS.

    First of all, I should say that RWBY is one of my favorite series. Well, it WAS. I remember V1 and silhouettes instead everyone but main cast. I remember V2 and Breach. V3 and Deus Ex Silver Fucking Eyes. But I also keep in mind exposition, storytelling, plot prog…

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    This is a time to celebrate, my friends, enemies, frienemies and randoms I don't know, don't recognize and/or don't care about. This is a time to go out, drink, eat a good hamburger, kiss someone, enjoy life.

    This (last Saturday) Was The Day We've Been Waiting For. The day Volume 5 finally ends.

    It's been quite the disastrous period for RWBY, hasn't it? 2017-2018.

    >Grimm Eclipse got no real support aside from the horrendous Dance outfits from Volume 2 (seriously, who designed those things, only Ruby and Pyrrha looked good, and Pyrrha only looked good because she used a type of dress that's hard to not look good on). Thus, we can effectively say Grimm Eclipse failed and has been abandoned.

    Not surprising since gameplay was dull and repetitive, the…

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  • Nikoli the rebel

    Do Volume 4 and Volume 5 have less fighting than previous volumes?

    I totalled up the minutes of all RWBY episodes, character shorts, and WoR in a volume. Then I added up the seconds. After that I multipled the length of the titles and opening by the number of episodes and subtracted that from the whole. I did NOT take into account the length of the credits after every episode and after the last episode but I did subtract the Gen:Lock teaser from V5's total.

    To find the length of V1-V4's fight scenes I went through this playlist, on x2 speed and counted every time block of fighting longer than 10 seconds. There is one duplicate in the playlist and there were s…

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  • BlizzardDragon

    NOTE: I am currently working on Part 2 of my evaluation of the Villains, and trust me, it will be a long one. In addition I am typing this up on Monday 1/22/18, but will not refrain from spoilers as I plan to only post it after the Finale Releases.

    RWBY is far from a media masterpiece, that I'm sure we can all agree on. With Volume 5's ending, I've seen numerous opinions over the finale and volume in general, and I believe I've found the most generally agreed upon faults RWBY has, but how some of them will more than likely be improved upon in Volume 6.

    1. Too Many Plotlines, ALL WAITING

    People have noted that since Volume 4, RWBY has had a habit of setting up numerous plotlines simultaneously, and randomly shifting between them just as momentu…

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    SO, as RWBY's disappointing and forgettable Volume 5 gets close to an end, the Winter 2018 Anime Season arrives. Saw any that interests you? ...Do you even watch anime?

    So far, I've seen Ito Junji Collection, Violet Evergarden, Killing Bites, Pop Team Epic, Beatless and Darling in the Franxx, and still waiting Fate/EXTRA - Last Encore.

    >Ito Junji Collection is an adaptation of Ito Junji's works, the stories from the David Cronenberg of manga, that all have a terrifying concept with the only miracle being the knowledge that none of those things could believably happen in real life.

    Examples include Uzumaki, Tomie and The Enigma of the Amigara Fault, though the adaptation also includes the shorter, one-shot stories.

    ...I hope they don't adapt A Shit To Rem…

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  • XxFoxCoreYZxX

    My theory is summer rose isn't dead my reason I say this is because the story of her dead says that she  went on a mission and never came back now because she never came back.

    From her mission dosent means she is dead the fact summer never came back could mean anything.

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow


    Now, Hazel screams a lot so there's far more places to take pics from. Feel free to take another one.

    Vernal also has many moments where she makes "Are you kidding me" faces, but I already took one the previous episode so I didn't need any.

    Cinder though. She really was enjoying the trip to the Vault.

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  • Xeno-Huntress

    Please be okay...

    January 9, 2018 by Xeno-Huntress

    My first thought when Qrow got shocked? PLZBEOKAYPLZBEOKAYQROW

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    So, 2017 finally ended. About time, it was quite the awful year for everyone and everything. Sure, it had it's positives like always, but I doubt anyone's gonna look back at it and think it was overall a good and happy year.

    On a more personal matter, after practically starving for more than 10 hours till 12am arrived, me and my family ate some sweet dinner. And by sweet, I mean it.

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    Read while listening to appropiate music.

    I've been downloading a few games lately. Namely, 3: Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2005 (for nostalgia's sake; it's part of my childhood), Umineko No Naku Koro Ni's fighting game which was released on Steam recently IIRC, and Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix.

    The's much worse than I remember. The cars are super-slidey and easily do a 360º if I so much as click Right 2 times and not a single more. It isn't even as well optimized as one would expect from a game from 2005. Customization is also less free than I believed.

    BUT, it is still very fun to play, especially since I used a mod to replace the songs in-game with some of my own. Racing through the streets with some nice Eurobeat pumping me up is …

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow


    December 13, 2017 by SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    Yes, I forgot to add the title and just realized right after posting.

    Yes, you have every right to laugh at my face for it.

    Let's just use a Heading this time. I messed up but I gotta use something.

    If you read my blog about Ep7, you'd know that I've been playing Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix, on Critical Mode.

    And last friday, I broke my limits and achieved what I couldn't accomplish earlier: Defeat Sephiroth and Xemnas, and get the Ultima keyblade.

    With Sephiroth it was accidental, but then I realized that despite just being Lv72, with just a pair of Combo+, a Finishing Plus, and Decisive Pumpkin, I took down like 2 whole bars of HP with a single combo. And while he hits hard, all of his attacks have obvious cues and simple ways to react to them…

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  • Jkphantom9

    To all of my fellow Americans, in just a couple of days, FCC is planning on repealing net neutrality, eliminating free, open, equal access to the internet. We can still put a stop to this. Contact your U.S. Congress representative and help vote against the repeal of Net Neutrality. You can join the fight here:

    Freedom of speech is one of America's unalienable rights, if we let the FCC win, they'll take that away from us. Don't let them do that to you.

    Like Ozpin says, "No one voice is louder than the others." Let us stand together and keep open internet free to access for all!!

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    What kind of stuff does Youtube give you in the "recommended videos" list? That list of videos to watch next, on the right.

    For me, it's been recommending music videos of various kinds. Well, "various". It's been recommending the same shit for weeks.

    >Calling, from The World Ends With You.

    >Kuraiinu's cover of Villainous Riser.

    >Kiznaiver's Opening song, full version.

    >Sapphire's cover of Butter-Fly, Digimon Adventure's opening song that sticks to one's heart like freaking glue.

    >AmaLee's cover of Life Will Change from Persona 5. The one song everyone uses when preparing to start running.

    >A bunch of songs by The Aviators, like Remains and Fading Light.

    I don't hate any of these songs, I like them, but I get tired of seeing the same recommended shit …

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  • Nikoli the rebel

    This Blog was created after V5 Ep8 where Illia revealed her darker tendencies and gayness. Hopefully, the fact she is gay won't change anybodies opinions about her.   

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    I've been playing Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix lately, in Critical Mode. And I have to say, I'm very disappointed.

    See, things in Critical change somewhat to make the game harder, most notably enemies hit twice as hard, and you only get 3/4 the EXP from defeating enemies, and only half the Bonus HP and MP from Bonus Levels. HOWEVER, you're also given 50 Bonus AP and many useful skills even before you finish Roxas's section, your AP increases by 3 points instead of 2 points, and the amount of damage you actually deal is pretty much the same.

    So the result is that, while you take more damage and can handle less, that only means you need to be a bit more careful, and you have so much AP that you can equip practically everything if you use every …

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  • Maki Kuronami

    School's finally winding down so I might start popping up here again. For now have my dumb shit.

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    So, as I was writing my Impressions/Recap for V5E7, decided to read up on some of the commentaries about the latest ep in RT's website. And it seems that the complains about lack of action are getting bigger.

    Since V4 many have complained about the lack of action, and the decreasing quality of said action compared to Monty's. I even saw at least 3 people basically describe Vol.5 as if it was Red vs Blue: "they're just standing around and talking". So, I the action actually decreasing? Did this show go from an action series with a story, to a story with a few action scenes?

    Now, even action series don't need to have a fight literally every episode, but this is a show that became popular due to it's action scenes, and was created …

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  • BlizzardDragon

    NOTE: By "Good" and "Bad", I am not referring to the morality of the villains, I am referring to the quality of the villains. Also, this is all my opinion, so you can take this with a grain of salt if you so desire.

    We are currently one episode away from the midseason mark of Volume 5, and I was thinking to myself: "RWBY has an interesting ensemble of villains.", but then I thought, "How many of the villains are actually of good quality?". So I decided to perform an analysis of each villain shown in RWBY so far. Keep in mind that with several of these villains currently active, the final verdict can easily change, but for now, this will be my verdict. I am also not covering Salem, Tyrian, Hazel, Watts, or the Albains, as they have barely ha…

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    So, last week's post, despite being posted a whole day late, still got tons of comments in response.

    In fact, it got about 59 posts. This makes it the current Record-Holder for my most commented-on blog, beating the previous Title-holder: The Impressions/Recap blog about V4E11, which got 40 posts.

    ....Must have been Yuma. He drawed much attention when he showed up.

    In other news:

    @Chish: I tried using Paint.neet, and it looked and felt like a discount Photoshop. I could see that it was superior to Microsoft Paint in many ways. However, the different interface did complicate things for me a bit, and I simply don't have the time to bother learning how to use it, especially when Paint is at the very least sufficient.

    So, not using it until I finis…

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    Well, this time there was a delay. The reason is simple: I was busy all Saturday doing an essay about “Los Valores Indigenas”, and by the time I was finished it was already midnight, so I watched it on Sunday. And I stopped at exactly the 7:23 since it was so boring I fell asleep.

    So, I tried to finish the episode on Monday, but the stupid statistics professor forced us to make an essay about like 9 different kinds of probability distributions, for literally the next day IOW for Tuesday.

    11 pages long counting cover and references, it took me from 6pm to 2am. And the result: The prof. didn’t even come, so it was all for nothing. I hate it when they do that.

    And then, I tried to finish the ep on Tuesday, even if it meant this would be posted o…

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  • DuskSpiral

    I just want to go off the record here (seeing how V5 has kicked off). A while after V4 wrapped up, I started a post-V3 fanfic called RWBY: Nature's Wrath. Now, my intention of writing this was to see if I was capable of writing a fanfic that diverges from the canon. I had my initial doubts while writing, but I was able to put them aside and post eight chapters so far.

    Now, this fanfic will have some fanmade mythology in it, taking inspiration from other games with their own mythology, like Halo, Legend of Zelda and Warframe. Although, I'm feeling unsure as to how my readers will react when I start to alude to such things, and I don't say that because of my miniscule comment number. I don't want to reveal anything yet because I'm busy with o…

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    So, the other saturday, I woke up at like 3am. I don't remember what I was dreaming, I think it was just some meh dream.

    I raised my right arm to scratch my head......and only my right elbow rised. The rest of my arm just hanged, livelessly. I inmediately panicked: I'm fully right handed, I can't write for shit with my left hand, can barely even make straight lines.

    I got up, and basically grabbed my arm - not feeling any sensations in my right arm from being grabbed - and shaked it up and down in hopes that it would wake up and work. After a couple of minutes I felt it get hotter, and finally, it worked again like before.

    It hasn't happened again, but that shit was frightening. I've had limbs "fall asleep", but never to the extent that they …

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    So, exactly today 31 of October, Hallow Ween, at college we were told to spend the whole day decorating our classrooms's doors.

    Which led to one of the most retarded things I've seen in my entire college life: The decorations? CHRISTMAS Decorations.

    Yes. We were adornating our doors with Snowmen, Santas, stars and Christmas Trees....IN HALLOWEEN.

    Why, is beyond me. And since we don't have the most resources, the results only got so far. Still, I'm quite satisfied with the adorable little Snowman.

    I give you: Larry, the Adorable Snowman:

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  • Gundam Legilis

    The Map of Remnant

    October 31, 2017 by Gundam Legilis

    Hello everybody!

    While I was celebrating my birthday, I learned from The Floof Artist that people who get the Japanese V4 DVDs and Blu Rays get a detailed map of Remnant! All the Kingdoms, all the villages, every location!

    How does it feel to get something long overdue?



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  • Tellecron

    Could Salem's crystal like chair could be made of each type of dust shown in RWBY, as we've seen the colour of many types of are types of brown, orange, violet or purple, white, red, green, yellow and blue (creates sort of grey brown alike colour) but if there were more assorted types colours not see yet or instead used with the colours I have already spoken of, if be done with the right type of technique, creates black meaning what if Salem fused or injected/infused each type of dust to make herself Grimm or Grimm like. As you know humans in RWBY used Dust which could possibly be affiliated with the Grimm. You see Grimm act similarly to a disease, a disease as known will be able to kill or pass the security of your body system when you ar…

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    Nature is weird, man.

    You look at 2 species that are nothing alike, and then a biologist comes up to you and tells you "they're cousins!"

    For example, you seen Echidnas? They're like hedgehogs with Krogan testicles and ant-eater mouths/beak/thingies. Then you look at Platypuses, which are some fat brown thing with a purple duck bill with electrolocation, poisonous otter feet, beaver tail....

    ......and then you check them up on Wikipedia, and it turns out they are both part of the same group: Monotreme. The only perceivable similarity in plain sight is that they both lay eggs despite being mammals. And that in itself is weird.

    Conveniently, all surviving Monotreme species are indigenous to New Guinea and Australia. How funny...

    In other news, th…

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  • Funnyman12


    October 23, 2017 by Funnyman12

    Just your friendly neighborhood funnyman here...

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  • Dd1123


    October 22, 2017 by Dd1123

    Hi, this is a post about the simple fact that some or most of my edits have been returned to normal and even though one of them said that some are right I haven't seen any of my correction back on the original form. I still have no idea what is causing this animosity but people are allowed to write and make changes but yet that hasn't happened to me. Some claim that I have made a bit of a mistake here and there which I keep on telling them that I will fix it and still people will not listen not even the admins and even on the edits they have said that I am claiming to troll and says that everything is wrong and even blocking me when I was about to change them. But I might be blocked for making this but still, at least I have said what I th…

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  • Sentry 616

    I think the title can give you a good idea of what you're in for. Choosing ME weapons for RWBY characters based on their personality, current weapons, and fighting styles.

    Below are the categories. I'm ignoring the weapons from the Mass Effect, since the ME wiki doesn't seem to have useful material for that one in weapon description, which is what I'm trying to mainly going off of. DLC weapons are up for grabs.

    Assault Rifles


    Sniper Rifles

    Submachine Guns

    Heavy Pistols

    Heavy Weapons

    Weapon Mods

    Assault: M-99 Saber (potent, precise, high recoil, made on an individual basis] Mods: magazine upgrade, omni-blade

    Shotgun: M-300 Claymore (for recoil) Alternatvely an N7 Crusader (fires slugs at good ranges) Mods: smart choke, high velocity barrel/s…

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  • MajoraSolaris

    For volume 1 my favorite parts have got to be "Are you robbing me?" scene and the unting of RWBY and JNPR in the forest vs the Grimm. For Volume 2 im gonna have to say the dance and then the end of volume 2 fight. For Voume 3 i would have to say Velvet's fight. Volume 4 i would have to say the Nuckalavee fight. And for the first episode of Volume 5 im going to have to say the cabin scene. "Qrow are you drunk again?" "Maybe" conversation continues "My name is Oscar Pin but you probably know me as Professor Ozpin" "I DID IT!" falls off the couch. 

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  • SomeoneYouUsedToKnow

    So, the other day, I was on the Fanon Wiki’s Discord, and they got a Clyde Bot, the Neo Bot, that after someone posts commands, it can search images for them on the internet. I then wondered if it could search for porn.

    I asked a friend there and after asking the Bot for help (yes), it linked to a page listing all the commands. And yes, it can search for porn, Hentai specifically, in about 4 different websites. So I decided to test it in the Fanon’s Discord’s NSFW channel. I searched for MILFs, and I got Cynthia from Pokemon. So then me and my friend started experimenting.

    And I regreted it heavily.

    First, he searched for Orcs on rule34. As a joke, I asked Neo Bot to search for Shrek on rule34….and it gave me Shrek screwing Rainbow Dash. Afte…

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  • Nikoli the rebel

    Richard 1 of England or Richard Lionheart was the central Christian commander in the Third Crusade.

    The Third Crusade came up during V2 Ep 1 and Christian symbols are litered all over the show. From Ozpin's scarf, to Leo's 4 crosses on this clothers, to Qrow's necklace, to Ruby's Red Trailer character model, to Ruby's v1-v3 clothes or the fact that Jerusalem contains the work "Salem".

    But analysis of these are not the purpose of this blog. We are going to take a fact based look at Richard Lionheart's actions during the third crusade and afterwards. 

    On recieving word that Jerusalem had fallen to Saladin, Richard 1 killed his father, taking his crown and immediately raised a tremendous ammount of money for …

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  • GreyStark

    Volume V

    October 14, 2017 by GreyStark
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  • Lord Jaric

    Volume 5 Bingo

    October 12, 2017 by Lord Jaric

    It's time for bingo everyone. Please submit your cards before the the first episode airs for first RT members on Saturday. Do not edit your cards until the episode is available to free RT members for spoiler reasons.

    Edit: episode 11

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  • Jkphantom9

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  • Jkphantom9

    If you guys want a summary of this, read here:

    They still talk about some in depth stuff about other things in the video though too

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  • RyanTheScourgeOfTheStorm25

    Weapons Are A Big Part of RWBY I'd Like To See What The Fans Can Come Up With

    Heres An Example

    Drepani (Scythe In Greek)

    Melee Form:Scythe

    Ranged From:Bow


    Melee Appearence:A Scythe With A Black Blade And Brown Handle

    Ranged Appearence:A Bow With A Golden String,Black Grip And A Red Lower And Upper Limb

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  • Jkphantom9

    I've been wanting to see these guys make a RWBY weapon for a long time :D

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