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Beringels are creatures of Grimm resembling large gorillas. They are one of the stronger known types of Grimm as well as surprisingly durable and aggressive for their size.

One of them is the main enemy of the "Volume 4 Character Short", in which it fights Ruby Rose. Another one also makes a short appearance in "Taking Control" where it leaps toward and attacks a heavily exhausted Cinder Fall, who manages to kill it nevertheless.


Like many creatures of Grimm, the Beringel is covered in black skin, with bone-like plates covering its body at certain places like armor. A red pattern or symbol resembling an eye is present on its back. The one Ruby fights in the Character Short appears to have "burnt" skin, with an internal red glow visible from within, where the skin is thinnest. It has well-developed hands with opposable thumbs. It is quite large, at almost twice the height of a human.

Powers and Abilities

The Beringel proves to be quite a difficult opponent for Ruby Rose to defeat. It is very durable, able to take multiple slashing attacks from Ruby's Crescent Rose without being appreciably incapacitated; and displays impressive strength, destroying structures with blows from its bare hands. The Beringel also manages to take Ruby off guard on several occasions, at one point plucking her out of the air and hitting her, sending her flying.

One of the Beringel's more unique moves is throwing or propelling other Grimm at an enemy, which it does with a Beowolf at one point during the fight with Ruby.


  • The name "Beringel" is indicated on the concept art. The name may be a corruption of the species name of the Eastern gorilla, Gorilla beringei.
  • The motion capture for the Beringel was done by animator Joel Mann. He used children's crutches (acquired off Amazon) to emulate the characteristic gait of a gorilla in the motion capture.[1] Miles Luna also tweeted a video of Joel Mann re-enacting his mocap performance at RTX 2016.[2]


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