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Beacon Vault (unofficial) is a large underground chamber hidden beneath Beacon Academy. It is accessible via an elevator, which also connects to Ozpin's office.


In the episode "Fall", Ozpin, Glynda Goodwitch, James Ironwood and Qrow Branwen take Pyrrha Nikos to the vault to offer her the Fall Maiden's power. As members of Ozpin's Group, it is their job to protect the four Maidens of Remnant. The current Fall Maiden, Amber, is comatose, kept on life support with Atlas technology at the end of the Vault.

Pyrrha, Ozpin and Jaune Arc return to the vault in "Heroes and Monsters" in order to complete the transfer. However, Cinder Fall arrives on the scene and kills Amber before the transfer can be completed. The powers of the Fall Maiden thus pass naturally to Cinder. Jaune and Pyrrha escape to find Qrow, Glynda and Ironwood as Ozpin prepares to fight Cinder.

After Ozpin's battle against Cinder, the Beacon Vault is rendered inaccessible due to the Grimm occupying all of Beacon.


The Vault is vast and dimly lit by wall-mounted torches that cast a pale green light. The elevator leading down to the Vault is located at one end of the corridor, and Amber and her life support machines are at the other end. The corridor appears to intersect perpendicularly with another, but the other branches are not explored.


  • The Vault appears in "Magnetic Personality", the 8th episode of RWBY Chibi, where it is clearly marked on the Beacon Tower elevator as "Super Secret Vault (Do Not Enter)". Team RWBY decide to visit the vault, where they encounter the janitor, who turns out to be Shopkeep.