Thank you for a wonderful time.
—Penny being sportsmanlike and making accidental puns

"Penny and Ciel vs. Russel and Sky" is a battle that occurred during the Vytal Festival tournament.

Preceding EventsEdit

The match is part of the Vytal Festival tournament, and it would determine whether Penny Polendina and Ciel Soleil or Russel Thrush and Sky Lark would move onto the singles round. Like all Vytal Festival matches, the venue for the fight is Amity Colosseum.

The FightEdit

The beginning of the fight is not shown. Russel and Sky are immediately seen running for cover in the mountain biome as explosions go off behind them. Russel and Sky dive behind large boulders in the mountain biome and exchange looks of terror. Penny uses her swords and embeds them in the rocks the pair are hiding behind. Ciel gets her attention and taps her watch meaningfully. Using her strings, Penny lifts both the boulders and Russell and Sky high into the air before slamming them down violently, knocking them out at once.

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