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Aww. It's broken.
—Nora after the Ursa collapses, defeated

"Nora and Ren vs. Ursa" is a conflict that occurred in the Emerald Forest just prior to the start of "Players and Pieces", where Nora Valkyrie and Lie Ren fight an Ursa.

Preceding EventsEdit

Although no footage is shown, it can be deduced that shortly after Ren defeated a King Taijitu, he and Nora encountered an Ursa and began the battle.

The FightEdit

Though a majority of the fight occurs offscreen inside the forest, the battle eventually bursts out of the treeline near to the abandoned temple.

Nora can be seen riding on the back of the Ursa firing shots from Magnhild into its back until it slumps to the floor, dead. Ren also emerges from the forest, breathless, implying the fight was physically draining for him or that chasing after them took a while.

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