"Bad Luck Charm" is a song featured in RWBY Volume 4. It is incorporated in the RWBY: Volume 4 Soundtrack.[1][2]

The song plays in "Punished", when Qrow Branwen fights against Tyrian Callows. The song title most likely alludes to Qrow's Semblance.


Is your reward for being near me.

Won't be your friend when I'm around.

Me for the tragedies that follow.

The situations that surround.

I'm a harbinger,
I cannot lie,
I will change the color of your life.

I don't mean to bring you pain,
But I will, just why, I can't explain.

I am no one's blessing,
I'll just bring you harm.

I'm a cursed black cat,
I'm an albatross,
I'm a mirror broken,

Sad to say,
I'm your bad luck charm.

I hang my head in constant sorrow

On every day you need the light

To see some fortune in tomorrow

Is what I am to every life

You should trust one thing
Take my advice
If you linger close
It's a hefty price
You and I are not the same
You don't want the burden of my name

I am no one's blessing
I'll just bring you harm
I'm a cursed black cat
I'm an albatross
I'm a mirror broken
Sad to say I'm your bad luck charm

A guaranteed catastrophe
A tear that's bound to fall
A sure train wreck
And you'll soon regret
The day I came to call

I'm cursed black cat
I'm an albatross
I'm a mirror broken
Sad to say, I'm your bad luck charm