Intruder, identify yourself.
—An Atlesian Knight-130, speaking to Adam Taurus and Blake Belladonna

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The Atlesian Knight-130, otherwise known as the AK-130,[1] is an advanced type of robot first appearing in the "Black" Trailer. Shane Newville provided the voice for the Androids.

It served as the standard security model of Remnant for several years. The AK-130's successor, the Atlesian Knight-200, was introduced in the episode "A Minor Hiccup" in Volume 2.


The AK-130's body is humanoid in shape and a metallic dark-gray in color, with red highlights on certain parts of its body, particularly its "face" and chestplate. They possess wrist-mounted blades that also have red lines along their length.

A retractable visor-mask covers its face when it is activated. The "face" has a lower jaw but is otherwise completely blank, with a smooth, bright-red surface and no facial features. The inside of the android does not seem to have any discernible mechanical configuration, comprised completely of a bright-red color.

The AK-130 shares the same color scheme as the Spider Droid, implying that they are made by the same manufacturer and/or are of the same line of products.


In the "Black" Trailer, a group of AK-130s fight Adam Taurus and Blake Belladonna aboard the cargo train that the two broke into. They appear to be guarding the cargo and designate Blake and Adam as "intruders", demanding that they identify themselves. Adam and Blake immediately engage and outmatch the robots, resulting in their termination.

Several AK-130s are seen beside James Ironwood in "A Minor Hiccup". They make a small bowing motion to the populace upon acknowledgment of their past successes. They are then unceremoniously shoved aside by the newer Atlesian Knight-200s.

Powers and Abilities

The AK-130 is actually extremely weak in comparison to Adam and Blake, who easily defeated several large groups of them. At the start of the fight scenes, they adopt a fist-fighting stance and appear to be comfortable using their hands in combat.

They are also able to change their hands into revolving automatic weapons or alternatively, into large curved, wrist-mounted blades, fighting with both in a dual-wielding style.

They also appear to possess a certain level of artificial intelligence, since one is shown to speak, albeit primitively, towards their aggressors. They can also signal to each other using hand gestures to begin attacking.


  • Writers Kerry Shawcross and Miles Luna have stated, with particular reference to the "Black" Trailer, that technology powered by Dust glows, hinting at a possible power source for the Androids.[2]


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