Watts is one of Salem's associates. His early life and how he came to join the group are not known.

Some time ago, he used to be a scientist and a doctor in Atlas, but he was later disgraced.


Meeting with Salem

Watts attends a meeting along with the rest of Salem's associates, including Hazel Rainart, Tyrian Callows, Cinder Fall and Salem herself. At the meeting, he belittles Cinder for losing to Ruby Rose and mildly insults Mercury Black. However, Salem chastises him for his needless "malignance". He is assigned to take over Cinder's duties, his first directive is to meet with the group's informant in Mistral.

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In Anima

Watts meets with Leonardo Lionheart, the headmaster of Haven Academy, to establish an in-person presence for Salem's faction with their informant. His being there in person proves beneficial, as he is able to overhear when Qrow Branwen and RNJR arrive and drop the information about the Spring Maiden's location. Once alone, Watts escorts Lionheart to a Seer to communicate with Salem. After the Headmaster gives his report about the Spring Maiden, Salem orders Cinder to meet with Watts and prepare to make negotiations with Raven Branwen. The doctor is also ordered to make a new tail for Tyrian, which was cut off during the Faunus' confrontation with Ruby.

Per Salem's instruction, Watts meets with Cinder, Emerald and Mercury and arrives at the Branwen Tribe's camp. Throughout most of the conversation with Raven, Watts keeps his cool and offers her a chance of "forgiveness" from Salem if she has Vernal open the chamber to the Relic of Knowledge. He also states that time is short as the White Fang is launching an attack on Haven soon. But things go out of hand for Watts when Raven demands the death of her brother Qrow and Cinder eagerly agrees. He tries to stop the Fall Maiden as he knows that her goal is getting revenge on Ruby. But he is forced to pull back when Cinder incinerates his hand.

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