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I'm not particularly fond of failure.
—Arthur Watts


Watts is one of Salem's associates. His early life and how he came to join the group are not known.


Watts attends a meeting along with the rest of Salem's associates, including Hazel Rainart, Tyrian Callows, Cinder Fall and Salem herself. At the meeting, he belittles Cinder for losing to Ruby Rose and mildly insults Mercury Black. However, Salem chastises him for his needless "malignance". He is assigned to take over Cinder's duties, his first directive being to meet with the group's informant in Mistral.

Episodes Covering These Events

Meeting at HavenEdit

Watts sits in the headmaster of Haven Academy's office, sharing tea with the informant. He says that Salem agrees that Headmaster Lionheart is hospitable.

Episodes Covering These Events
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