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I'm not particularly fond of failure.
—Arthur Watts

Dr. Arthur Watts is an antagonist in RWBY who was introduced in "The Next Step". He is an associate of Salem and part of her inner circle.


Watts is a tall middle-aged man with a slim build and slightly tanned skin. He also has short black and gray hair as well as a mustache and green eyes.

He wears a gray overcoat with yellow linings, a yellow dress shirt, and a black necktie. His pants are the same color as his overcoat. His yellow-buttoned undercoat and finger-less gloves match his cordovan shoes, under which he wears yellow socks.


Watts is formal and speaks in a refined accent, yet he is also arrogant and condescending, even to his allies. However, he is humble enough to admit not to take credit for things he did not achieve by himself, for when Salem initially thinks he found out where the Spring Maiden is, he reveals it was by Qrow Branwen when he spoke to Leonardo Lionheart.

Watts states that he has a low opinion of failure, which extends to Cinder Fall after she was defeated by Ruby Rose. He criticizes and belittles Cinder and enjoys provoking her, especially since she cannot talk back. He also looks down upon her underlings, Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black. Salem chastises him for his needless "malignance". However, he avoids speaking out of line in Salem's presence.

Arthur also has a tendency to become overly excited about new topics of study. Case in point, when he and Lionheart report to Salem about the location of the Spring Maiden, Arthur shows immense interest in the Seer Grimm.

Powers and Abilities

Watts' abilities are yet to be seen, though he may have expertise in a field, seeing as Salem refers to him as Doctor. In "A Perfect Storm", Raven also identifies him as a former Atlesian scientist, and Cinder tells him to go "tinker with [his] machines", implying technological feats. It is possible that he was the one who developed the virus Cinder used to hack into the CCT tower and rig the tournament, as his signature W can be seen on Cinder's Scroll when she uses the virus to choose Coco Adel and Yatsuhashi Daichi's tournament match.

He is also able to give Tyrian Callows a new stinger after his old one has been cut off by Ruby Rose.


  • A "watt" is a unit of power used to express the rate of energy transfer which is generally correlated to electricity in modernized society. As a result, it invokes the colors associated with electricity especially shades of yellow, blue, and white seen in lightning.
  • The same W symbol that is present when Cinder is rigging the Vytal Festival tournament rounds appears on his customized personal Scroll and as a hologram in "Welcome To Haven" when Watts speaks to Leonardo Lionheart.


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