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Zwei the dog's introduction

Many of Remnant's animals are the same as those found in real life, although some species are unique to the series.

In addition to animal-like creatures known as Grimm, animals exist in the world of Remnant. The currently known animals in the series include:



  • Crows, Ravens - Crows and ravens have made appearances since the early trailers before the series proper. One appears for a split second in the "Red" Trailer, but the first clear view of one is in the "Black" Trailer. It is later revealed that Qrow Branwen and his sister Raven can transform into a crow and raven respectively as part of a magical manipulation of an as-yet-unknown nature performed by Ozpin.
  • Turkeys - Yang Xiao Long uses a pair of cooked turkeys as weapons during a food fight.
  • Chickens - In "Jaunedice", Jaune Arc eats Beowolf shaped chicken nuggets. Neptune Vasilias is also seen eating chicken nuggets at A Simple Wok in "Painting the Town...".
  • Seagulls - A pair of seagulls fly past the Belladonnas' home in "Necessary Sacrifice".



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