"Black" TrailerEdit

Blake, it's time.
—Adam, to Blake Belladonna
Looks like we're gonna be doing this the hard way...
—Adam, commenting that they'd have to fight through the Atlesian Knight-130s
Move up to the next car. I'll set the charges.
—Adam, to Blake
What about them?
—Adam, in response to Blake asking about the crew members

Volume 2Edit


No, but they'll listen to me.
—Adam, to Mercury Black reassuring him that the White Fang will continue to cooperate with Cinder Fall

Volume 3Edit

Beginning of the EndEdit

The White Fang is not an organization for hire! We're a force of revolution!
—Adam, to Cinder when he refuses to make a deal with her


Bring them to their knees.
—Adam, bringing Grimm to Beacon Academy

Battle of BeaconEdit

Hello, my darling.
—Adam, to Blake

Heroes and MonstersEdit

Running away again? Is that what you've become, my love? A coward?
—Adam, to Blake
You and I were going to change the world, remember? We were destined to light the fires of revolution!
—Adam, to Blake
What you want is impossible! But I understand because all I want is you, Blake. And as I set out upon this world and deliver the justice mankind so greatly deserves, I will make it my mission to destroy everything you love.
—Adam, to Blake
Why must you hurt me, Blake?
—Adam, to Blake

Volume 5Edit

Dread in the AirEdit

We can win a war against the humans. Not only because we have the support of Hazel's master, but because the Faunus are the dominant species of this planet. We're better than humans. We have everything humans have and more. Humans shouldn't just fear the Faunus, they should serve the Faunus.
—Adam stating his views about Faunus and Humans and how the former should subjugate the latter.
From this day forward, I will be the one to lead the White Fang.
—Adam, to Sienna during his takeover of the White Fang.
Thank you, Sienna. You were there when our people needed you, but they need me now. I'm sorry you couldn't see this through to the end.
—Adam, as he murders Sienna Khan.
Give our former leader a proper burial. All who were here tonight will claim Sienna was murdered by a human huntsman. Sienna Khan will become a martyr for our cause. Her final act as High Leader.
—Adam to everyone in the room

Necessary SacrificeEdit

I will not allow them to ruin this. The Belladonna name has brought me nothing but grief. You've done well in finding the deserter. Bring her to me alive but not before you've slaughtered her family. I have a promise to keep.
—Adam, in a message to the Albain brothers

The More the MerrierEdit

Once the charges are set, move back to perimeter watch. Tonight, Haven falls.
—Adam, announcing Haven Academy will be destroyed


To think that I went through so much trouble to find you, only to have you deliver yourself to me.
—Adam, to Blake
Then it's over for all of us.
—Adam's suicide attempt to kill everyone including himself
I am making humanity pay for WHAT THEY'VE DONE!!
—Adam, to one of the White Fang members

About AdamEdit

You are a symbol for many in our organization, but that doesn't make you infallible.
—Sienna Khan regarding Adam's reputation within the White Fang and his accountability for his actions in "Dread in the Air"
At first, I thought Adam was justice. Then, I thought he was passion. But over time, I realized I was wrong. He wasn't any of those things. He was spite- not hatred, not rage, spite. He won't accept equality, only suffering for what he feels the world did to him. And his way of thinking is dangerously contagious.
—Blake to Sun Wukong, about Adam, in "Necessary Sacrifice"
He seems... unwell.
—Fennec Albain's observation of Adam's instability.
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